questionsdoes a high rank = a better chance to get woot…


In the last year I've received 2 free shipping codes. The first was for having a popular deal (I don't think it went #1), the second was for up voting a sponsored deal. I received a free Crab T-Shirt for voting on a Crab Deal. Thanks Woot!


@dreamyvelvet: so it is a good idea to kiss up to the sponsers even if the deal blows (most sponser deals do)...makes sense.

It is going to hurt pushing the up arrow on those crap deals but I guess I will have to start playing along :(


@magicgoat: Good luck with that. The thank-you gifts are sporadic and thus far have each been based on separate factors. I think the concept here is to be an active participant of the site, rather than to see how busy you can be chasing you call rewards.


Gotta agree with @magic cave, I think you get rewarded for being more active on deals.woot, not necessarily a higher ranking alone.


To expect anything to be given to you is a little rude, don't you think? I mean, it isn't like spending time on deals.woot is difficult. It's enjoyable and I think that's payment enough. I don't expect them to give me anything in return and I think they know they don't have to give anything away to keep people coming back. It's not why we come here. However, when they do give something away, it's normally because you've participated in whatever random event was selected from a long list of possibilities.

Your best bet is to be active in every aspect of the site and enjoy it. If you get something extra, be thankful and ask for nothing else


I've gotten nothing, and I'm okay with that.


I've permanently got a terrible rank because, basically, the only thing I do is respond to comments and occasionally vote on things (comments and deals). Yet, I've still gotten at least 3 codes before. I don't think ranking has anything to do with it, it's more about being in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing.

I feel like I said "right" too many times so, um, left.