questionsadvice on a new home printer?


I switched from HP to Canon three years ago and haven't regretted it yet.

My MX860 all in one is still going strong.


I am happy with my wireless HP. 5510. All-in-one. Not overly expensive. I like the idea of emailing a print job to it when out. It has saved me time here and there, and the scanner is VERY good.


If you can swing it go for a laser. The thing I like the best is I can let the printer sit for months without single print and power it on and it works perfectly. I had issues with inkjet going dry, the stores were always closed and the assignment was always due tomorrow. So I would get out the rubbing alcohol and drip it in the printer and clean with a q-tip. I have and like my Samsung clp-315w (color wireless). I also have Samsung 1740 b&w. At the end of the day generally speaking toner is usually cheaper per page then ink jet. (I expect to be corrected with examples)
IF I upgrade I want all in one laser with network.


@caffeine_dude: Me too also.
I picked up an old HP 2100 a few years ago on Craigslist.
It came with the ethernet card, tho the seller had no clue.
Huuge amounts of paper, and almost a dozen toner carts, the side feeder is starting to skip. Sometimes two pages go thru at a time, not one.
Other than that, it just puts out. Fill the bottom tray every so often, and business/pro quality pages come pouring out. And for very cheap. also.
For decades we went thru inkjets. If you didn't use it since yesterday it was gummy tomorrow. The self cleaning/ adjusting/ alignment procedure meant the ink supply went obviously down. But it was just in case the kids wanted colour output. Or a picture.
If I want to print any photos I can email them to Walmart, Walgreens, etc, and somebody will print it out on a monster pro system on good paper. For a tenth of what it would cost me, and at much better quality.
I gave the kids the inkjets.


I just bought and returned an HP wireless less week. When I returned it the girl said, Oh look another HP printer return.....


@caffeine_dude: Probably won't be able to swing a laser. I'm on a really tight budget right now. But yeah, if I could, laser would certainly be the way to go.

@mkentosh: funny. I used to work at Staples in high school and we had the same story pretty constantly with Brother printers


I have a HP Deskjet 2050. got it from my local walmart when it was on sale, and it's pretty good (doesn't use your ink though :/). had it for about 5 months now and i've printed hundreds of pages of stuff, never had a problem.


I have a monochrome laser, and if I need to print color I just go ahead and buy a $12-$20 inkjet.


HP Office Jet Pro 8500 A910

Yes, it's pricey, but it is by far the best printer I've ever bought. Love the wireless capabilities, can email a print job to it from anywhere, it can scan a document and place it in a network folder on my laptop, you can access an admin panel over your home network. I haven't even scratched the surface and I've had it for two years. Put hundreds of pages through it and have only replaced the Yellow print cartridge so far. The ink prices aren't too terrible, especially given how long the cartridges last.


@thedogma: If you print many pages you will be better off in the long run. I think I figured the black and white would be free after 2.5 cartridges. I think each yielded 3000 pages. So if I printed 7500 pages the ink from the inkjet would have cost $120 more then printing using the laser.

Estimate the pages you print a year. P
Cost of a cartridge. C
Yield of cartridge Y (sometimes hard to find on the internet, and yes some inkjets only have 250 pages).
Take the cost of printer. X

(P/Y)C1+X= The cost of 1 years owner ship for you. Change the number 1 to 2 to figure out the cost of owner ship for 2 years and so on. Do not go over 5 years due to difficultly of finding replacement toner.
*note over high use you may need to replace the fuser kit, think 50000 pages but check on your printer.


I always recommend laser printers and Canons.

We had a Canon when I was growing up, my mom would refill the ink cartridges with the kits you can buy in the drugstore. Went to college, a Lexmark was bundled with my laptop - "What do you mean, I have to buy a new $50 cartridge because I can't refill this one?!" Then I bought another Canon, because the cartridges are much cheaper (black was $7, color was $12, easily refillable, and if it dried out, you'd put a dot of water on the spot where you refilled the ink and it would probably be fine).

When I was writing my masters paper, I knew I'd end up printing articles and editing copies and things, so it made more sense to buy a laser. The laser printer I got was $100, and the cartridge for it lasted more than two years.

So, ponder your needs - have they changed? Do you really need an all-in-one, or do you want one because it's what you have now? Would a standalone scanner be better? Can you fax from your computer?


@shelladair: I've actually never had that great of experience with Canon's to be honest.

My printing needs are moderate at best. If I need to print out something large or numerous copies, I'll use my school's copy room. So I really doubt I could justify buying a laser printer. But for smaller things or when I'm not already on campus (not really worth it to drive to school just for a copy) I'd print at home.

I guess its possible I'm more set on an AIO because it's what I had before. But I do use the scanner and copier. I don't need the fax machine, but if it's there its there.


@thedogma: I actually love the Brother printers I get. I have 2 - an older model and a "newer" model. They both work great. My older model is going since 2008. They are both laser printers. I think I only paid like $130 for the newer wireless one. I do have to say - when replacing the toner cartridges, it is best to go with the "brother" name brand than trying to go with the store version. For some reason, I always had trouble with them recognizing them and running out of ink too fast. In the long run, you get more out of the Brother brand ink. I am a big "non name brand" shopper but in this case it pays to go brand.


@discountlingeriedeals: Yeah. The problematic Brothers were always the lower end inkjet printers. I dont recall issues with the Brother laser printers. Or really any laser printer for that matter