questionswhat's with all the blu-ray/dvd combos?


I think there's logic behind it. A lot of people don't have multiple BD players. If they only got the BD disc, it'd limit how they can view the movie. Having a DVD copy is good if you want to watch the movie on your computer, or your car, or when you're traveling.

Even if I don't use them, I like the Blu-Ray/DVD/ Digital Copy combos. They'll be reasonably priced eventually, so if you don't need it around the time it comes out, chances are you can get all 3 for around $20, which is a pretty good deal. Then you're not limited in your use at all. Want to watch it on your fancy set up? Blu-Ray. Want to watch it in bed? DVD. Want to watch the movie on a plane? Digital copy on your phone/ laptop.

You don't always need them, but it's nice to have options.


I like buying the combo packs as iI give the DVD to my retired best friend. I am really getting two copies of the movie for just a little more than the price of one. A lady I was chatting with in the store line said she liked geting kids movies in combo packs as she puts the blu-ray in the home library and the DVD stays in the car for the kids to watch while driving. There are a lot people who own portable DVD players of one sort or another, including quite a lot of laptops, that can't read the blu -rays. They aren't as versatile yet as a DVD.


I think what @thedogma said is probably right; I wanted to buy a DVD of Newsies for my nieces for Chanukah, and I could only find the blu ray. Between computers and DVD players, there are many places in the house (and car) for them to watch a DVD; there is only one blu ray player. I would have gladly purchased a combo pack.

I also think it's good for people who are transitioning, like me. I don't have blu ray player yet, but hope to in the near future. There's a movie coming out in a few weeks. (Anyone around here who follows my posts knows what it is, though it's probably conceited of me to presume anyone here follows my posts.) Anyway, there's a blu ray packed with extras, and a DVD not-so packed with extras. I will buy the combo pack. I'll watch the DVD (and digital) version now and have the blu ray version for if and when I get a player.

Of course it's about money. But I would guess that there are a fair number of consumers who actually do want both the DVD and blu ray.


I want both. I tend to skip the bluray version on most things because there are plenty of times I can't use a bluray. When I do do long term business travel I almost always have a DVD player in the hotel room, so I take some movies or TV shows to watch during down time. And somehow even at home with 2 bluray players in the house there are times I find myself moving one of them to a room that already has a DVD player just so I can watch something I don't have on DVD.

I can see a clear difference in picture quality, but I've found that watching a DVD doesn't diminish the entertainment level even a little bit.

As for the extra DVDs being a waste of your purchase, they really don't cost much to throw in there. Most of the cost in the package is the digital content, not the media.


Although Blu-Ray continues to gain in market share, after 8 years on the market they're still about 30% compared to DVD. A lot of people are still transitioning or waiting, so a combo pack makes sense. And they never caught on in portables at all: you can buy a good portable DVD player under $50 these days but a similar device for Blu-Ray is $200+.

I own a Blu-Ray player and enjoy renting them but never felt the need to make a collection or library like with DVD. It just feels like a bump in the road on the way to purely digital media.


I like those combo packs. One for home Blue Ray, one for travel. It works out pretty well. I just wish the DVDs came with the same amount of extras as their counterpart.


I'm with OP on this one. I don't like paying for what I'm not using. Shouldn't the options be combo pack or blue ray alone? The dvd being alone seems like it's just stopping people from moving on to BR. Since everything will eventually be BR like it was DVD why not cut the stand alone dvd option instead of the BR option?


I'm with the OP, I don't use the DVD or digital version that comes with the combo packs. It just sits in the case.
If possible, I just buy the Blu-Ray only copy (almost always cheaper) if offered that way.
I do not have a dvd player in the car or anything like that as others mentioned though.


Well on the bright side you folks gave me a good idea! I spoke with my retired neighbor this morning while digging out our driveways (yay snow) and he only has a DVD player, so I offered to give him my DVD copies of the movies I recently bought.


If you don't have an acquaintance who can use the DVD copies, donate them to a local charity. They can either sell them in their resale shops or, depending on the type of charity and the type of DVD, use them in their charity. Homeless shelters have community rooms with DVD players, and child cares are always hungry for kid's movies.

"the DVD stays in the car for the kids to watch while driving"...I'm surprised nobody poked fun at my bad grammar there. It's bad enough to let the kids drive, they certainly shouldn't be watching DVDs at the same time.


most portable players still use the dvd format. Bluray for home, dvd for car. You're not really paying extra for the dvd in most cases, they cost so little to produce and most often seem to be thrown in as a selling feature.


My parents like to borrow movies from me or watch them when I come visit. But they're behind the times and don't have a Blu-ray player or an HDTV. So for things I think my parents would enjoy, I like to buy the combo packs so I can bring them the DVD.


I used to be annoyed about it, but then I realized a bonus: if your computer doesn't have the hard (or soft) ware to rip BD to digital copies, that DVD is now worth its weight in gold, considering you can easily rip it to any portable format you desire. And it's not Ultraviolet.


I have a Blu-ray player in my laptop and it is nice but also very buggy. If the Blu-ray movie will not play properly then the dvd movie will play. I have several BD movies that will play on my home player but not on my laptop and while software updates may fix some this there are some BD movies that just will not play on a laptop.


BD disks sometimes require a firmware update....and they fail which bricks the BD player. Has happened to me twice - no way to recover either.

So at least with the dvd included I can watch the movie until I cab afford to get a new BD player.

Also as mentioned already - much easier to rip dvd for htpc.


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