questionswas this letter bullying, or genuine concern?


I think her overall answer and message are great. I love her self confidence, etc.
But I wonder if she were a known smoker and someone told her this - would that be bullying? Or are people just no longer allowed to acknowledge that being obese is a health problem? (I'm not anywhere near a "healthy" weight either, btw) While losing weight is difficult and "fat shaming" is a problem, this letter doesn't rub me that way.


Screw that guy. Yes, she's overweight, but blaming her for setting a bad example? That's somebody who needs to get some perspective.

Not sure it's bullying, though. Just an a$$hole with an internet connection. No shortage of those.


Definitely bullying in my opinion, however he wasn't targeting her only. Clearly the letter written, was well thought out and well written, not just a rant by some extremist. He mentioned that she was a well known and recognizable community member, thus he could only assume that targeting her would also receive some sort of publicity. Typically for bullying actions to thrive, they require an audience. By putting the letter on television as well as other social media, etc he is getting exactly what he wanted, attention. This in my opinion wasn't just an attack to the newscaster, but also to the fact that obesity is a rising trend and needs to be "stopped". Her grace and eloquence in delivering this statement were also very impressive.


@okham: Have to agree with you on that. Thankfully, most of that ilk troll on yahoo and fox sports.


1. Parents should be role models for their children, not TV personalities.
2. She's overweight, but by no means "obese".

Here's an idea - maybe the government should ban fat people from appearing on TV - now that's an idea that would fly with many people who feel they need to control other people's lives.


There's nothing worse than a bully who feels justified in what they are doing.


Not sure how to classify that. I would say bullying, but it could just be a ignorant individual. Obviously he doesn't realize that there are people who are overweight or obese that cannot do anything to lose the weight due to health problems. Diabetics can have trouble losing weight, as can people with thyroid issues.

I myself am overweight, and when trying to lose weight, I actually gained more! Doesn't mean I won't try again, but sometimes it just doesn't work for people. Doing everything right doesn't always get the results you want.

Plus, I think she makes a better role model for kids than does a super skinny barbie type. She's obviously comfortable with who she is, and in the public eye everyday. And successful! I think that any kid seeing her and can say, it doesn't matter what I look like, I can do what I want in my life! The skinny barbie type girl just makes girls want to lose weight in unhealthy ways, to be super skinny and 'perfect'. That's a bad role model.


neither. It was just one jackass being stupid on the internet, and has been blown all out of proportion.


I just saw this on tv. My answer may not be popular, but that's never stopped me from running my mouth on here before.

The letter didn't sound mean to me. It sounded like someone who is concerned about the growing weight problem (pun intended) in our country. Of course she knows she's overweight, but she's in denial if she thinks she is ok. Instead of crying about bullies, she should work to become healthier and inspire viewers to join her and follow her journey. It takes work and discipline, but it's worth it!

I used to weigh 330 lbs. I now weigh 188 lbs. I'm still overweight. I'm still obese. I'm still trying to get to a healthier weight. I have hypothyroidism that is still not completely controlled, but it doesn't give me an excuse not to try to be healthier. I eat only 1300 calories a day, and have been on a very low calorie diet for 2 years. It stinks, but that's what it takes. People respond better when they see you are trying, instead of just making excuses.

Be an example!