questionswhat food or candy, from your childhood, do you…


@xarous: Thanks for the links. I'll look at them this evening.


Jell-O Pudding Pops. Some other company bought the rights to the name recently, and they are NOT the same!


doo-dads, from Nabisco.
They were an early snack mix before ChexMix.
Nothing tastes quite like the way they used to taste.
If you turn the box upside-down, you get spap-oop(s), so naturally we'd always ask for spap-oops.


@omnichad: Pudding Pops were the best! There was like this thin layer of ice covering the whole thing, and then when that melted (or you carefully bit it off), nothing but frozen creamy goodness!


When I was a kid it used to be easy to find chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

I think I need to learn to make ice cream.


The original Peanut Butter Twix. Not the new crap with the chocolate cookie garbage. Bring back the OG!


Regular Coke made with sugar and not high fructose corn syrup. You can debate all day whether it's more unhealthy than surgar, but the bottom line is it tastes better.

As a kid I also liked Chocodiles, I think they were just chocolate covered Twinkies. They are available in parts of the Southwest where I live, but I haven't seen any in Arizona. On the east coast they are unavailable.

Also, I love the McDLT from McDonalds, remember it came in that ridiculously environmentally unsound double styrofoam package? They kept the hot part of the burger separated from the top bun and toppings. They have all the ingredients to make them, not sure why they don't. I laughed when they covered this same topic on Family Guy, I guess I'm not alone in my quest for the McDLT.


@ryanwb: I hear you can get coke with real sugar from Mexican grocery stores. I've also seen it within the past year in our regular grocery store, sold in glass bottles.


@tippypaws: Yeah I buy them all the time, most stores can barely keep it in stock. A gas station by my house sells the liter sized bottles, heaven in a bottle. My problem is I like the taste of coke out of the can.... I have no idea why. Clearly the public desires real sugar, so I wonder what's keeping them on HFCS? The only variable I can come up with is the power of the corn industry's lobby


@ryanwb: I think it's a safe assumption that using corn syrup is cheaper to produce, otherwise they'd still be using sugar. Even if the public wants sugar more, the extra cost could be prohibitive and there's also the matter of getting the coveted shelf space in the stores and the marketing cost of keeping the two products separate.


@elforman: They don't have an issue with Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Regular Coke, Caffeine free Coke, Diet Caffeine Coke, vanilla Coke and Cherry Coke and I'm probably forgetting more.

So what additional marketing costs and shelf space issue would they have adding another product? Remember coke lime and all those weird flavors they were using in the late 90's early 2000's? They shuffle products in and out all the time.

If it's cost prohibitive why does every nearly every other country in the world, even poor 3rd world countries use sugar? Sugar doesn't grow in Europe so they are importing it and it's apparently affordable because it's every where over there. Nothing but the corn lobby.....


Astro Pops - old style, before they reversed the shape and killed the candy's popularity.


@ryanwb: Most of Europe's sugar comes from beets. A .5liter soda runs about $1.60 in discount stores and often 4 to 5 bucks in a restaurant. No free refills. I pay a dollar* for half liter bottles of coke and that's cost price at my store. So yeah, it's all over the place but you've got to pay for it. Also, HFCS is making inroads here and I wager it won't be long before it's in everything just like in America.

*all prices converted from Euros to Dollars to lesson confusion


Lesson. AHAHAHA! Wow. Don't get on the internets after being woken up in the middle of the night.


I think I saw coke with sugar at Costco the other day -- I believe it must have been in cans.

I forgot about Doo-Dads. I loved those. Also, Lemon Coolers.

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