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@pooflady: We assume they pulled his date of birth from his Google+ account info. It was great fun and a major surprise, but I found it a little spooky, also.


Google uses and sells a lot of the info we provide, that's why I installed a do not track program and I am considering alternatives for internet searches.


@mybestuser1: I use blockers on Firefox plus Track Me Not and Ad-Blocker Plus; my husband generally uses Linux along with whatever security stuff is available. (He's pretty good with tech stuff after doing tech support for many years.)

I'm pretty ambivalent on today's surprise. I was almost childishly amused by the doodle, and he was equally surprised by it. Still, even though I know intellectually that Google has all the info that he gave them, I find it a bit unsettling to be reminded that they have it and can use it.


Google owns Doubleclick a company that tracks and does targeted advertising.


I think it is cool. Google knowing the date of my birth will not bother me in the least.


I always log out of my email before and after browsing. It'll only work if you're logged into Google during that session.


I noticed this on my birthday last month. I went back and forth between thinking it was cool and creepy. I'm not even 100% sure how Google knew my birthday, as I don't have a + account. I do have gmail, so I'm assuming I must've given it during that signup. Regardless, it amused me.


The interwebs knows what I had for breakfast.


@hot72chev: I googled it and eeuw. Did you really have surf and turf for breakfast?


@mybestuser1: Catfish and Spam...see, I told you they knew!