questionswhat's a good breakfast burrito recipe?


Scrambled eggs with diced ham, crumbled bacon, onions and bell peppers. I also add hash browns and cheese and top it off with salsa, yum!


medium hot skillet

Take Jennie-O Brand Turkey Ham (Find this in the meat department. It's a small ham looking thing over by the actual hams), slice it into a steak and then cube it up

Put it into the skillet, toss for a few minutes to brown all around

Then toss in 1 egg (Or use Egg Beaters, Southwestern flavor is my fav) and mix up to scramle with the turkey ham

Warm up 1 burrito wrapper in another skillet

Roll up egg and ham into burrito. Add a slice of cheese if you want

I've also subbed in Jimmy Dean pre-cooked turkey sausage links too.

For wrap with turkey ham, egg beaters and a garlic herb wrap:

310 Calories
8G fat
37G carb
21G protein
35mg Cholesterol


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Our family's idea of a breakfast burrito:
- Tortilla (obviously)
- Scrambled eggs
- Sausage (Jimmy Dean, preferred)
- Refried beans
- Shredded cheddar cheese

Salsa, pico de gallo, and/or Cholula Hot Sauce on the side


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@bingo969: That sounds delicious for that little calorie/fat content. Although I'd probably add a few more (but not too much) calories by making it a tad more southwestern.


Eggs, sausage, onions, green (bell) peppers, cheese.


Pinch off a hunk of jimmy dean hot sausage into a skillet and chop up with spatula while it cooks. When cooked dump in some scrambled eggs. Warm up some tortillas. Lay some cheese (american or cheddar) on a tortilla. When finished cooking dump the egg sausage mixture on the cheese in the tortilla and fold. Just like whataburger breakfast taquitos. Keep some hot salsa handy.


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eggs, bacon, potato, onion, mushroom and salsa


I think the key item here is using a flour tortilla. If you use corn, it completely changes the whole experience. Texture is mealy and it does not pair well with eggs.