questionswhen was the last time you bought something…


If you are talking about woot (and all the various sites/plus sales) then I bought a shirt yesterday during the detour to the "all designs"


I bought something from home.woot on Monday. I have found fewer deals that are of interest recently due to businesses using the site to post their own items as opposed to users finding a good deal and wanting to share it with the community. While I generally do not downvote those items I also don't upvote them either, unless I think they are a really good item as opposed to free advertising by the website themselves.


I bought a couple of those "chilly towels" for my husband and son and a Sony MP3 player. Other than that, nothing last November.


A cake pan in September of 2012. Before that, a cake pan in July 2012. It looks like if woot wants more of my business they have to offer more cake pans. LOL. I started out buying small electronics, but it's been a very long time since woot offered anything of interest to me in that realm. It's been almost three years since I bought any, some well-reviewed earbuds and a two pack of black Sansa clips. Wish I'd bought all three, I didn't realize it was my last chance at them and was hoping for some colored ones later.


Two hours ago.

Most of the "deals" posted by vendors are not deals at all. And it's very frustrating to not be allowed to down-vote them and being accused of being too negative. If there are tons of non-deals, why should we not be allowed to down-vote them to discourage the bozos posting them?


The last time I saw a lot of good deals was around Christmas. No real fault of D.W. I just don't think there are that many great deals lately from the major stores. I think this is also the reason the site seems overrun with bad deals. That's all there is to get upvoted lately.


I haven't seen anything that inspired pants-wetting levels of excitement in quite a while. I've never been a big purchaser here at Woot because these last few years have been tight and I just don't have the disposable money available. Occasionally I'd see a small item that I'd buy, or else a t-shirt. Nowadays there aren't many things listed that I'd buy even if I did have the money.

I think my last woot was in November on shirt.woot.


If you're referring to the Woot main site(s) and not deals.woot... 2011?

If you're including things I've seen on Deals.Woot... probably a few weeks.


@zethreal: Yeah, same here. On Deal.woot I find deals quite often, at least every few weeks someone posts a pizza or other food deal that I take advantage of. I've found a lot of other very useful stuff via deals posted here.


@omnichad: My theory is that when the worldwide economy tanked, manufacturers had a crapload of already-made merchandise that they could pay to warehouse and be taxed on as inventory or sell, even at a loss and get out from under it. I think that we benefited from a very large merchandise dump for the past couple of years, and now we are coming to the end of all that extra product and we just aren't going to be seeing as many great deals.


My last Woot purchase was razors back in March. I'm one of apparently very few who really likes the King of Shaves razors and I've really stocked up on them.

I actually buy from deals.woot pretty often. I mostly don't buy the sponsored deals, but the posted deals are often great and once or twice a week there's something I go for. Last was Sin City at Best Buy on Blu-Ray for $4.99


Bought something on kids woot and a couple things off deals woot this week.

On a tangent, I don't really have the woot-has-changed or Amanzon-has-ruined-woot complaint but I probably haven't been here as long as some of those complaining. Yes, there are way more stuff here than when I first joined and there are things that are higher priced items (thousand dollar watches) and I'm fine with that and even like it.

What I do find objectionable are those merchants who get to advertise for free and complain about their deals woot getting pulled. They don't realize that the woot staff don't want to/don't care to/don't have enough people to keep deals woot community driven and delete anything that smells of a merchant posting their own stuff.


Last sponsored deal was Dec 2012

Last dealswoot even longer, I have been finding deals elsewhere.


Bought a shirt last week from Woot. That seems to be my main source of purchasing there lately. Although I have been mulling the cuisinart stand mixer.

On W.Deals -- I really like those Staples deals that come up. Got a couple of huge boxes of hot chocolate. Should of bought more !There are usually some good movie and music deals posted too.
I post mostly coupon deals. Those are always handy to have. I never shop anywhere w/o looking for a coupon first. I shudder to think of the poor soul who shops w/o them.


@ceagee: I love your coupon deals, I always upvote them. I, also, never shop without looking for one.


@moondrake: It might be that. I was thinking it was more on the lines of still producing merchandise, but knowing they can only sell it if they do so at a massive discount. Then, when they started losing too much profit, they decided that it didn't benefit them to do so.

The reason I lean this way is movies. Movies that were made after the economy tanked were coming out on DVD/Blu-Ray one year, and then super-cheap on the next year's Black Friday sale. Why even print so many DVD's or Blu-Rays if you weren't planning to sell them so cheap?


I haven't bought anything from "the other side" for quite a while now. Haven't seen much that even tempted me, really.

But, here on this side, I find at least a couple irresistible deals each week. Most of the greatest deals have been posted by users who've already commented here.

My only real complaint with DW is that I wish the mods would come down harder on merchants who misrepresent themselves as individuals, or are deceptive in some other way. I suppose I have a particular issue with deception, and I get very tired of seeing all the devious and misleading posts day after day.