questionswhere is the best place to find a good bbq kit?


If you're looking for a kit that comes in a case, something like this looks nice:

If you don't mind buying individual pieces of equipment, than here's what I use to do my grilling (4-5 times a week, all year):

12"-16" tongs. I have 3 of the longer tongs and 3 of the shorter ones.

A good grill brush. I can't find the one that I have, guess it's not made anymore which is a bummer because it's really good. Here's its smaller cousin:

Silicon basting brushes are good too. Easy to clean after bbq saucin the food stuffs. Grill cover is nice if it's rainy where you live.

Lowes or HD will have some stuff.


Because I ran out of room....
A large (seriously BIG) spatula for flipping burgers is great to have too.

Maybe a book too:


@widmer69: Thanks!! The first one is more what I'm looking for, I know it would take me forever to buy it piece by piece!