questionsare there ever any actual deals on sport.woot's…


I was kind of wondering the same thing. I had been hoping to see more outdoor-related deals, so I was happy to see sport.woot; however, after a bit of research, the things I've been interested in haven't seemed very deal-ish.


I don't know...that Esbit deal on regular woot-plus could have been listed on sport woot-plus.
I tend to agree though. Not any blockbuster deals yet.


The side deals (and even the regular deals, more often) are not uncommonly nothing to write home about. You do have to do the research on them before you click buy: as above many are not deals at all.

I think that some good ones will pop up from time to time. You just have to decide if the time spend going through all the garbage is worth the one or two gems.


The life vests were a pretty good deal on Sunday. I missed out on the adult sizes but snagged a couple youth ones. And I was excited to see target shooting stuff in the section. The bouncing targets seemed to be a decent price but the spinners weren't really that great a deal.


Actually, one of the things I meant to add is that some of the deals might have been good, but just weren't something I wasn't interested in (like the life vests). So, I really am curious if there have been better deals offered than I've realized.

Either way, I'm really looking forward to some good camping/shooting/hiking/backpacking deals for the summer!

... and maybe some skiing/snowboarding deals come winter?...


Side deals are just a way for Amazon to shove more products in our face.

As time goes by since the web-redesign, I get more and more sour about the whole thing. You sold us out Woot. You pissed off the black triangles.....and let's face it. We make this site what it is.


@firebirdude: just for the record, the Plus deals are an opportunity for Woot to shove more product in your face. We have our own team of buyers.

/cough/ Independent Susidiary /cough/


you should try
they filter the deals from a bunch of deal websites and just show the good ones and why they're actually deals