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I can't believe this question made it past the "Would you mind phrasing that as a question?" filter error. Conrats on beating it :-) I have nothing to contribute to your question. Good luck though.


I've used this as a consumer (not as a business) and I like it. Pricing seems to start off simple and there's a free trial:

If the lowest plan won't cut it, the prices get steep quickly.


I think it sounds like you might need a full tracking system, not just "email support software" (not sure what that might be). You can go with something fancy, like Remedy, or just start out with RT (I always liked RT, but it may have a learning curve you don't like).

The cost to RT is $0, but you'd need to learn it, and to set it up, and you may not have that kind of time. Remedy's great, but may be more expensive than you want. Here is the Wikipedia page, where a zillion of the type of thing you need are compared.

Remedy is now owned by BMC. RT is now called Request Tracker.

It's been a few years since I needed to care about such things, but that Wikipedia page is an excellent start.