questionsdid you watch the cockroach bowl 2014?


I watched a few seconds and forwarded to the end to see if there was a BOC involved. Not.
Watching cockroaches in a bowl for an hour for some reason really didn't hold my interest.


No, but I bet it was a better game than the Super Bowl was.


No...and honestly I didn't care. Woot is pretty awful, I still have a sour taste in my mouth with this customer service garbage.


I didn't, and cannot imagine why I would. I watched the Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark channel (more than once; it was on several times), and thank you a whole bunch to @hot72chev for mentioning it. I may watch it again if they repeat it again. :-D

My first thought, wicked though it may seem, was that this was invented purely so that they could use the posts to drown out the chorus of customer service complaints, which have truly been overwhelming of late. I still suspect that it may be true. I mean, announcing it? Sure. Making continual new posts over pretty much nothing? Yeah, right.

I'm very sorry for those staff folks that are left to answer each of these CS posts publicly, but it's a sad state in general.

Kitten Bowl FTW!!!


@shrdlu: I admit I watched the puppy bowl twice :X


Puppies and Kittens were SUPER!