questionsanyone else have a problem with slimmers like…


No, but I'm sure that is uncomfortable :(


Seems to be an indication of "need a different size", because I'm pretty sure they shouldn't be doing that.


Yes. It is a matter of physics. Or maybe geometry :-) Not sure if there is anything you can do about it. My glasses used to slide down my nose too. It was the path of least resistance -- bugged me just as much.

Had to come on and post these blogs I read yesterday on the topic of Spanx. More about getting them on and off than staying on, but hilarious nonetheless.


When I've had this issue before, it's because I was wearing the wrong size or the wrong style of slimmer. There's some that just won't ever "fit" right on my body because of the placement/proportion of, well, the flabby bits.

For what it's worth, I've had the issue more with off-brand slimmers, versus spanx brand.


I'm going to agree with "wrong size" if that's happening. Or possibly just try a different brand?

I like to use the knee-length ones under dressy pants. They usually stay comfortable.


Hate to have you do this in the heat of summer, but try wearing your spanx either under or over a pair of properly fitting panty hose. I will say the one time I wore spanx, I noticed they went on like a dream OVER a pair of pantyhose.
I'll second the stepping up to another size so to compensate for the larger bits that are encouraging the rolling. I know I have to go up in size for pantyhose in order to fit my long legs, even though the height/weight charts usually state otherwise.


I've never tried them because they look to be too uncomfortable in the groin area. Talk about cameltoe...