questionsdo you buy tickets from scalpers?


F. I usually drive to the venue shortly after the tickets go on sale and purchase there, saves the TM fee ;)


Preferred is early online purchase. I have paid big bux to scalpers, more than a decade ago.

If it's a concert I kinda wish to attend, and the neighborhood, parking, and distance are good, and I'm feeling adventurous, going to a venue and waiting for lowball offers from scalpers can be fun. Always have a backup restaurant or movie ready, jic.....


@f00l: We did just that. parked for free, five minutes after the show started we lowballed and walked away from two scalpers the next saw us walk away from the first and knew we were his last chance to make anything off those tix. We walked away at first and he chased us down to take our original offer. We got really lucky this time but the show wasn't too important so it wasn't a big deal if we didn't get in. It also helped that we didn't care about the opening act at all.

I agree that if I really want to see the show/game then I'll get them early and just drive to the box office or pay the ticket master fees.


@nmchapma: But it was Clapton! How could you say it wasn't too important?? Just messing, but he is one of my favorite artists. What did you think of the show?

And I'm old-school, so my answer to the above is "A."


His playing was phenominal. He's not very showy and rarely spoke at all but . He did not play Bell Bottom Blues or Rock n Roll Heart which was a bit disapointing. Wonderful tonight and Lay down sally were great.

He's also one of my favorites but I've seen him a few times and my wife wasn't so interested. We were only going if it was cheap.


I do when its the only and I mean only way to get a ticket. To see a show: I have jumped fences, snuck by bouncers, lied and said I was with the band, heck i even once photocopied and printed my own ticket (long story short a "friend" tried hooking up with my old gf and I managed to convince the bouncer my ticket (or rather the picture of his) was the real one and that someone would come with the paper one saying otherwise and that they were a liar and a thief)


Generally, I buy tickets I want online as soon as they go on-sale, and usually with some type of pre-sale offer (passwords are readily available online if you look, from band's mailing lists, radio station promos, etc). On very rare occasions, I've used a scalper.


I have used scalpers for sporting events in the past, but never for concerts. Lately I have been willing to do any number of things to avoid paying ticketmaster directly, though, as they have made the whole purchasing experience so dreadful. The last time I had to go through ticketmaster I had to make at least 3 or 4 attempts before everything finally went through correctly, a disgusting waste of an hour of my life. Whenever possible I go straight to the venue box office instead and buy tickets directly from them.


we live close to the venues (15 mins) so usings scalpers isn't a big deal to us. does distance play into how you obtain your tix?


I used to buy from a guy named Big Mike, who worked the parking lots at Shea Stadium. He always had great seats.......


I couldn't take the chance to buy them from scalpers. If they are counterfeit you are screwed.


For sporting events - scalpers every time, especially if the team is having a bad season, which means super cheap seats.

For concerts that I really want to see or the wife says I have to take her, then I buy online so I don't end up sleeping on the couch.


I generally just buy online (or at a venue if I can) when they go on sale. In fact, bought some today! A friend and I once got tix from a scalper outside a venue, for just a little over face value. He tried to sell to us for about 2x the value, then my friends said "How about we just take them from you?" and he seemed to change his mind on what was a fair price. Other than that time, I don't recall ever using from a scalper or "ticketing service".

Long ago I got (free) tickets to see Sting and nobody could go with me, so I actually just gave my extra away to a guy in the parking lot looking for one.


I try to sign up a the singer/band/orchestra's site. You can usually pre order seating that way.

I sold some extras outside a concert once, when friends couldn't make it. We just sold for face value.


I work at an event arena so I have seen what happens when people buy tickets from Craigslist or from a scalper. If it is a digital ticket, aka they printed it from home, run in the other direction. You might be suprised how many times those tickets are printed out and resold. For a show of Mumford and Sons, we had three seperate parties that had all purchased the same set of tickets, all from different avenues. Luckly one was though Stub Hub so at least they will get their money back and hopefully stop the seller from getting their money.