questionswould you feed the polar bears?


No, though I can think of a few people I wouldn't mind dropping in for the bears.


only if they order off the dollar menu.....


It's pitiful that this has to be considered as an option.

And "Polar Bear" should be a death penalty category.


It's a bad idea to feed wild animals. By feeding them, you will ultimately take away their ability to get food for themselves. They'll become dependent on the food that's given to them, and they won't be able to live without it.


Yes. Optimally, I'd send in food that would mimic their natural feeding habits as closely as possible to minimize dependence. Not just the foods they would normally eat, but in the same format they would eat it, such as releasing fish into the water, game animals in the area, etc. If we are going to encroach on their habitat to the point where it can't support them, then I think we should enrich their habitat to the point that it can.