questionsis no longer sending out…


if you're talking about tracking# emails, my tracking email for the monkeygeddon shirt came from


@carl669: Something more like this:

Your email to Woot Member Services has been received. This is an automated reply.

Your request has been assigned Case # W-1090XXX-XXXX.

As you might expect, we receive a fairly large volume of emails. This reply is sent from our case assignment system to indicate your position in the queue has been reserved. Our staff works Monday through Friday during normal business hours in an effort to keep response times under 24 hours. However, on weekends, response times will be delayed until the start of the work week as our staff is not in the office. Please be confident that we will respond and resolve your issue in a timely and efficient manner.

Thank you for your support,

Member Services


If you're talking about the generic "this is your case # blah blah," I do believe they still send them out and they come from []. However, are you sure you're sending it to the correct address? I would suggest double-checking spelling and whatnot.

If you're talking about the tracking numbers for purchased orders, as carl669 said, the are sent from [].


@thenombomb: Yeah email address is correct. I even sent it to just to cover all basis. Hopefully inkycatz or thunderthighs will jump on and see this cause I have never had this much problems with Woot customer support before and hopefully they can let those folks know to look for an email.

Side note, did everyone that ordered the Star Wars posters receive all the ones they ordered?


We'll ping some folks on your behalf. Totally annoying for sure, and sorry about that!


@wisenekt: Huh... So, you're not even getting the automatic response? That's kinda odd... Have you tried using a different email provider? If you're using Hotmail, try Gmail or Yahoo, if you're using Gmail, try Hotmail or Yahoo, and so-forth. That's all I got. >.<

@inkycatz: Speak of the devil. Lol


@inkycatz: Thank you. I knew you guys would be on it.


@wisenekt: Please let us know what happened. Why you didn't get an auto-email response. And, the outcome of your problem. I'm curious. Have had such excellent service from them.


@gmwhit: I am not sure, I am hoping that it is because of the holidays and one of the service monkeys forgot to put up the auto reply. I am using Gmail but I have had no problem in the past. Since no one else seems to be having the same problem, that would most likely eliminate an email server issue on the part of Woot.

I will post the result of what happens, hopefully since they know to look for it, Woot customer support can also resolve the issue.


This has happened several times to me. If you do not get the auto-response from Woot, there is a good chance that Woot never received the e-mail (from my experience).


I have had to contact service 2 times since I have been at Woot, both fairly recently. One issues I sent 3 e-mails with no response and then contacted an employee direct who contacted service direct to have the issue take care of. The other it took 4 e-mails to be sent over a spread out period of time (sent and waited, tried again) before I received an auto reply. Once I received the auto reply service handled the issue.

From my experience you have to try, try, try and try again and if all else fails bring attention to yourself so they look to handle it without e-mail.

Looks like their new CS software loses a ton of e-mails, and unfortunately doesn't seem to be getting better.


I have finally received a Case Number. (Case #CAS-12646​2-B9Y4X4) I submitted four emails with no response at all and finally used the Support box directly on the website and I finally received an email. Good God this new email system sucks.


@inkycatz: special request: please don't use the term "ping" like that. it makes you sound as unintelligent as the other buzzword bingo players. try saying what you're actually going to do.

that word is as out of place in that context as emails concluded with the sentence "Please advise." by people who think they're smart.

all told.


@pinchecat: all told
says the jumbowoot wannabe?


@questionsanswered: wannabe or mocker? the world may never know....


For all those following, all is well. I received the missing product about four days after I was finally able to get through to Woot. Woot handles their stuff, when their email system lets them. Still one of the best customer services around.