questionsdid you see that chuck norris shaved his beard?


What is the world coming to?!? Wow, I don't know when the before picture was taken, but he looks so much older without the beard.


So the other fist has now been revealed?


After all those years of not finding any blade that could cut through his Chuckstache, he finally decided to karate-chop it off with his bare hands.


The best thing about getting older is that you're getting older.


He didn't shave his beard, it was so scared of him it jumped off.

It found its new home on the guy who plays Mitchell on Modern Family.


he didn't shave it off... It felt itchy one day so he gave it the look of death in the mirror and it simply fell off.


He didn't shave it, he told it to leave. And, it did.


If you take this at face value, it's rather ridiculous. Someone in this world shaved and it made national news? I think we've jumped the shark as a society.

Granted this beard was more famous than mine, but what's next - bowel movement updates? Check that, I already get that from people on Facebook