questionshave you ever heard of amazon supply beta store?


Yeah, they bought a while back and stuck their brand on it. They have a pretty narrow selection but hopefully they'll improve on it.


Prices seem a bit high compared to other places that cater to businesses (only look at the Office and Laboratory categories), any good deals?


Yeah, I've looked at it a few times, but there prices are higher than my other suppliers. But it is nice to have options.


Went there to find some O-ring gaskets. Prices were ridiculously high. At least 10X what I pay from my current supplier for the same specs and quantity. Hopefully they'll get better.


I posted a deal from there a couple weeks ago, got 2 up votes.
I haven't really looked at it to see what they have.


Finally I can start that meth lab!


The prices aren't bad on some of the laboratory items. I've been looking at some different items to use as wine decanters and such. Perfect gifts for the scientifically-minded wine drinkers!


It looks like another McMaster-Carr to me, but seemingly no benefit for choosing it over them.