questionsgoing through the motions one last time.


Wait, now I'm really confused. There's a free content deal on the main page for "Top" deals and it's been there for a few hours.


@thepenrod: It doesn't have the "free" tag on it though.


@bsmith1: So the key is to come up with 5 legitimate tags so that it won't get bumped?


Also, to be fair to everybody, I should point out that my statement about deals.woot taking all the fun out of this is in fact melodramatic. But my melodrama only goes so far.


@thepenrod: they may get changed to 'free' tags regardless.


In my opinion...
free video game content > free dumb recipe book
Thanks woot mods for keeping the stuff I'm interested in at the top!


It is 100% dependent on what mod is on duty. As soon as the haters start tattling (and they do) the mod will make a personal choice to:

1) Tag the item in such a way that it disappears from the Top tab

2) Ignore the tattlers and let it stay

3) Delete the deal entirely.

Anyone who tells you it's not personal is either delusional or lying. This is the reason they will never post official rules.


I only saw the deal after reading the question here. It's a totally goofy, fun freebie worthy of a pole position if the community thinks so via their voting. While it won't make any money for deals, it will steer people to Amazon. In the end doesn't all the money end up in a giant Amazonian piggy bank any way?

Stupid weighted tagging system.


@bsmith1: I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not.


@thepenrod: Just poking you with a stick a bit. All in good fun. :-D

Looks like the other deal was removed from the front page...oops.
Edit: other deal has the "free" tag now


@bsmith1: Ah nuts. I certainly didn't mean for that deal to get removed.

Come on @Mods, put it back up, even if mine doesn't get Tops (although it should).


@ohcheri: I find it terrible (for Deals.woot) and terribly ironic that a business that posts regularly and is generally respected and liked by the community has come to that conclusion. I don't disagree, I just find it sad for woot. I'm curious to know if they've alienated you in past in this regard.


I dunno, maybe it's just me. At least once a day I do a search for free, so I don't miss any deals. Guess the newbs don't know to do that, and the regulars probably do it if they don't want to miss a free deal.


@questionsanswered: I'm not a newb, but I am lazy. Why make this harder on us?


@thepenrod: The #lingerie tag is used to prevent my deals from appearing on the Top tab. If the mod can't call it #lingerie they will tag it #sexy for the same result.

While my regular fans search for me (as you can see by the Leaderboard) this seriously reduces the number of potential new customers and my business has taken a huge hit since they implemented this manipulation tactic.

Obviously it is of no concern to WOOT corporate that I have suffered financial losses, I am using this site for free advertising. But, yes, I am a little bitter.


@ohcheri: thats messed up I remember reading awhile ago a thread you were upset about something but didnt get all the details that is pretty wack the way it's being filtered. As much as I dont love to see certain deals all the time a deal is a deal thats the point of this website.


@questionsanswered: I totally had not thought of that! good idea!


@ohcheri: I was wondering why I was not seeing any more sexytime items on the front.
Bummer they had to create a special tag to discriminate, tho.

Otherwise...Any Serenity postings today? It's been a while and I'm jonesing

j5 j5

@ohcheri: Ouch, I had no idea that had happened. As active and helpful as you are in this community I can understand how that would be a tough pill to swallow. Doesn't anyone take your activity here into consideration?

I wonder if the older school woot! staff members cringe when they hear these new rules.

Last week I posted a question that I asked everyone to downvote. This week I am nine on the leader board without trying. Tides are changing.........


@thumperchick: may have switched a couple letters in my mind there and severely misread that button.


If they do not make money off of it they bury it. Free = no profit. Who cares what your users want, its all about making a buck. They are blind to the fact that these types of deals may attract new users and keep your current user base happy; or they simply do not care. The tag battle is very old news and MANY users left over it. When it was finally addressed @jumbowoot made comments on a question that was something like 3 weeks old to ensure the fewest members possible would see anything about it.

@ohcheri if you want your deals to no longer be buried look into paying them their referral kickback. If Woot is making money off of your deals they will find their way back to page one. You will have to decide which is lesser of the evils.....your deals not seen costing you business or essentially paying Woot to have them listed.


!00% support for all that you have said @ohcheri. I agree. Have raised the question previously about the #free tag. The explanation for that by jumbowoot was: Caution: This IS paraphrased: We don't want customers seeing free (or lingerie or sexy) items when they land (when you click on deals, you see the Top tab) on deals. In essence (my words), saying: You my dear deals members. are not important; the masses of 1 clickers, passers-by, ships-in-the-night people are.

Odd thing: Us, the people who actively post deals are discounted. No matter how much we B & M, nothing will change.

And yes, it IS their site. We must comply w/their rules. Whatever those forever undefined rules are.


What if we had a 'really the top' tab that would show deals in order without the tag punishment.
We would need to have a different name and top would still be the default.

The Tagless Top Tab
Voters Choice

This may get help. It would satisfy the 'oh no too much lingerie' crowd. And make deals fun/fair/great again.


@caffeine_dude: It seems to me the brilliant minds working for WOOT could figure out a way to manipulate just the top three items on deals.woot so the shoppers on the other WOOT properties can see exactly what the Suits o' Woot want them to see.