questionsdid you hear that xbox live is down?


His question was!?! "What are you doing while XBOX Live is down? I am heading outside."

Sounds like Xbox live being down is a good thing if it gets you up off your ass and outside to get a little physical exercise and human interaction! If Xbox live being down happened all the time we might get a head start on fixing the obesity problem with younger people in the country!


I'm not getting belittled and berated by 12 year old kids that have the vocabulary of a sailor... That's what I'm doing.


I'm finally getting around to playing bioshock infinite on PC because I'm part of the superior master race of gaming devices. I'm also a better person than you because I already went outside today. :7

I guess I could have done that if i had bioshock on xbox too though. Oh well, I'm just following btalarczyk's lead.


It is supposed to be completely back, but I can't get into SmartGlass and some other funkiness is going on.


I just played borderlands 2 in offline mode while it was down. Good thing it ain't like Sim City...then I really would have had to go outside or something.

The only part that sucked was I still had Internet connection, but couldn't even use the Amazon app on the xbox to watch movies because it requires you to be "online" in your proile. I just watched on my TV's app. Seems like they should split the apps access from the profile side of things.


@cowboydann: talk about kickin somebody when they're down.


@btalarczyk: you know nothing about xbox if you think only couch potatoes use it. My xbox happens to be my exercise machine and I would need xbox live up and running in order for it to keep count of the calories I burned during my workout session.