questionsdid anyone else play the mega powerball last…


Yup, we didn't win anything. My husband is in charge of lottery tickets - I am not generally a player. Usually if the jackpot is over $100 million he will get tickets. We have no expectation of winning, but often we win back whatever was spent on the tickets or a little more.


I forgot about it ... so I guess I'll play this round. The last time I played, I was only off by 6. :)


I played but only bought one ticket and didn't win anything. A few months ago I did hit the powerball so I at least got back what I put into the ticket. I generally only play when it gets really high though, because you never know. I will probably have to venture out and pick up one for the new drawing before Wednesday. I will never hit it but at least it is nice to imagine.


I don't play the lottery because of the saying: "The lottery is a tax on the stupid."


I take a chance at the lottery, when it gets big. It is fun to imagine what you could do with the loot.

425 million, I could buy a senator, state rep, a judge or two, man I could really live like the super wealthy do.

I might even hire someone to click my mouse for me :)


@curtisuxor: I share your sentiment. The OP spent $40 but won $4 back! That sounds like -$36 to me. :(


Can't win if you don't play. I buy tickets once a week. Still in the hole.

If, no, when I win on Wednesday, I'll buy one of everything on Woot and by my Mama a house.

Keep ya updated. Good luck to all...


Played and lost. Really want it just to payoff bills. I honestly think i would continue to work even if i won.