questionsare there any deals you down vote because of the…


I don't because downvotes that are noticeable will drive attention to those companies and goes against the purpose of the downvote


I agree with @natedogg828. Downvoting isn't really going to do anything to explain to people why you're downvoting, unless you state so explicitly on the deal post. This sounds more like you're downvoting because of a personal bias against the company (nothing to do with the actual deal), so I'd make sure to downvote and then comment why so that people understand. Additionally, downvoting because you don't like the company or their practices doesn't necessarily mean that the actual deal is bad, and we're here for good deals! Just my opinion though :)


I'll downvote deals (but usually leave a comment also, to explain my experience) from companies that have screwed me in the past.


I down-vote deals from companies that shouldn't be posted here, usually because they don't meet the amazon/ebay requirements or are [almost certainly] selling counterfeit merchandise. I nearly always add a comment explaining that.

And while I'm passionately political, I don't down-vote any deals just because I don't agree with the politics of the company's president or owners.


I won't shop at a company that I disagree with the politics of, but that doesn't mean that they aren't offering a good deal, so I won't down vote. Sometimes I will abstain.

I appreciate when others down vote with an explanation, when they feel the vendor is sketchy, and do so myself when warranted.