questionswhats the longest you had to wait for a woot item?


to answer your question, i believe the longest i waited was about a week and a half. i ordered something from a side sale and all orders weren't shipped until the end of the week.

it appears that this would be the same case as your mystery shirts. looks like they won't be shipped until friday.


Weeks. Not lately, but before - back in smarpost days - weeks. Every time. Really though, if they haven't shipped by tomorrow, send a note to with your order number.


Almost a month. I ordered one of the HP desktops on 2/28 and it was delivered to another state. Then I was sent another tracking number that was just as wrong (sent to a city 50 miles away). After that I got the runaround for a week then I was gaffed off for the woot off and now they can't/won't send me a replacement and just issued me a refund. I'm pretty cranky about it.

I suppose if I were nastier at the beginning of all this I might have gotten what I ordered.


If you checked the sale and shipping information on the main side sale page, you would have seen--and still can see--"Shipping Information! We'll ship your randomly selected stuff on the randomly selected date of March 29th." If you had checked--and still can--the sale page, right under the price, right above the selection boxes, there would be "Printed to order. Ships on Friday, 3/29." So, according to woot, you'll see your stuff at some point after the 29th.

All sales provide a shipping-out date, with side sales very specific and set. You can always see before purchasing when side sale items are estimated to be shipped out.

And now you know.


And if he had checked the smaller print right beneath the small print on the third link to the left of the Amawoot page you'd still be just as lost about where they put anything on this site anymore.

God, I miss the days when woot had one site with one item, or hell even nine sites with nine items. These side sells are getting ridiculous and confusing.


I've waited close to a month on one occasion. I ordered a wine-rack from wine.woot and apparently everything sold on WW is shipped from a 3d party vendor, not just the wine.


@goldenthorn: Is "And now you know." your version of, "All Told."?


@thumperchick: I think GI Joe has the (TM) on that one. "Now you know and knowing is half the battle. Go Joe!"

Back when woot sold BOCs, it seemed like you had to wait a month to get those...not that anyone could really complain.


Back in MY day, you ordered your Woot item and forgot about it. Then one day it shows up and you get a lovely surprise.
Why, time was you could watch the smart post tracker as your item passes your house on the way to East Greenland before returning.
In the snow
Both ways.
You kids today have it easy.

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