questionsi'm making plans for thanksgiving dinner and…


Some type of casserole. They're easy, which is a plus for the Thanksgiving day chef. There are many, many recipes out there, but here's one that sounds good to me.


Green Been casserole. Fried onions on top


Cheesy carrots, pickled beets, green been casserole, and others. One thing I have never really been a fan of are sweet potatoes.


Traditional - green bean casserole, mashed potatoes (real ones and not with sour cream), stuffing, glazed carrots, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole.


+1 for green bean casserole

One of my favorites is the 3+ layer Jello...mmmmm with the white cream cheese layer with pineapple mixed ahhhhhhh - This is similar to what I'm talking about -

Also, gotta have a side dish of delicious roles...yorkshire pudding adds a hearty large biscuit to the table that goes perfect with turkey and golden buttery mashed potatoes

I would then also suggest sweet potatoes (so long as you have marshmallows, brown sugar, pecans* optional)

Cheesy potatoes are a hit too, especially with kids that do not want the mashed potato option...but again this is just an extra dish if there are a lot of younger people around and you had time.


Brown sugar glazed sweet potatoes.

Slice sweet potatoes into 1/4" silces - long ways.
Butter both sides.
Sprinkle brown sugar - enough to caramelize, but not much more than that
Place on tinfoil lined cookie sheet
Bake until soft, but not falling apart.
Add more butter/sugar as needed.

Nom. Nom. Nom.


Chicken wrapped in bacon.... every time I make it there is never enough, even when I made 20 lbs for a wedding. Its easy and fast. Preferred method of cooking is on the barbeque just to crisp up the bacon and add a smokey flavor.


I'm probably in the minority, but I love Brussels sprouts and broccoli. The green bean casserole is a bit too rich for me these days.


I've always been partial to stuffing and cranberry sauce. My aunt makes her stuffing with plenty of turkey meat and juices, big chunks of fresh vegetables and herbs. It is moist and oh so tasty.

Green bean casserole can be good, but too often it is made with heavy amounts of Cream of Mushroom soup out of a can and is too thick and salty for my taste. A homemade green bean casserole without ten cans of Cream of Mushroom soup is a fantastic dish.


Spicy Thai pumpkin soup. I'll be making that this year, without a doubt. Recipe upon request :)


A hot out of the oven--baked sweet potato or yam with butter and cinnamon.


I've never been a fan of traditional green bean casserole. Don't like french cut green beans, and hate hate hate hate hate Cream of Mushroom soup.

I tend to do old favorites with a few twists, though.

I used to be all about the mashed potatoes, and still love them, but a few years ago I made a "mistake" while following a dressing recipe I found on food network, and it was delicious, so I have made it that way ever since. I used to hate dressing since so many of them have celery, but the one I make has maple sausage, cornbread, apples, water chestnuts, parmesan, and a few other things, and it sold me on it. I can't wait to have it again every year. Sometimes I will just make it for dinner because I can't wait another whole year.


My roasted garlic parmesean mashed potatoes.


Giblet gravy. I also make a non-giblet version for the squeamish.

Roasted brussel sprouts with bacon.


We're having a weird dinner this year. The last two to leave the nest (will college never end?) have asked to switch things up and asked for the following in addition to traditional fare:
jalapeño cheddar poppers
dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets
pizza rolls
mozzarella sticks
apple pie tart cookies
a very small birthday style cake from our local Publix grocery store

I'm pretty sure they were pulling my leg, especially when wontons were mentioned, but I'm going to go ahead and make small portions of what they chose. What the heck. It might start a new family tradition. The last time they did this, it was tacos for Christmas Eve night as their father was deployed during the holidays and I was feeling a bit too blue to make a big Cuban Noche Buena dinner for one adult and three little ones. It's become a Christmas Eve tradition.


I make an awesome sweet potato casserole (with no marshmallows believe it or not, still awesome - recipe upon request). That is ALWAYS a hit and requested at any event I or my mother (orignally her mother's recipe) go to over the holiday season.

Also, cranberry sauce and some sort of baked corn casserole. Recently at my in-laws we've been having some serious appetizers and they have become traditions that I now love: hot crab/cheese dip, spinach dip, scallops and water chestnuts wrapped in bacon/BBQ sauce.


Mashed loaded cauliflower & scalloped potatoes with kale. Both are delicious.
Both recipes are at my website but I don't know if self aggrandizement is allowed.
aveggiegoodday dot com.


My step-mom's from Surinam and she makes a dish called "Bahmi" (not sure of the spelling.) It is fried noodles with chicken, onion, garlic and soy sauce. It is absolutely delicious and the entire family is disappointed if she doesn't bring it for some reason.


Mashed Potatoes with an absolutely disgusting amount of gravy smothering them and a clean cut piece of butter on top of all that.


We'll have the basics for our family which are mashed potatoes, lima beans, corn and dressing, plus cranberry sauce. I am not a fan of lima beans (I'm the only one in my family that does not eat them) so I think this year I will make grilled green beans too, I've been really in to them lately.


We always have a roasted vegetable, a ginger butternut squash soup (it's not Thanksgiving without it), 2 or 3 types of cranberry (chutney, relish, & regular), 2 kinds of stuffing (1 oyster, 1 regular) and some stuff I'm forgetting.

and a lot of pies.


This corn casserole:

I add shredded cheddar cheese to the mix, probably about 1 cup, because cheese makes everything better. Everyone loves this, and it's super simple to make.


Cranberry Sauce is a must for me, or I won't go to that persons Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe I should just learn to bring my own, lol!

Homemade Mac and Cheese! When it's baked so that the top pieces are crunchy, yum!! My dad's girlfriend makes the best homemade mac and cheese too! I hope she makes it this year :)


@okham: Requesting spicy thai pumpkin soup recipe please!


how up to after holiday leftover experimentation are you?
For several years now, i've kicked around the idea, but never gone through with, a "thanksgiving dinner Pizza" using leftovers as exclusively as possible.
open to much interpretation.


@earlyre: If you do that, mix some mashed potatoes with gravy as the "sauce", mix a little dressing into the pizza dough (and sprinkle some on top of the pizza to crunch up). Don't forget cheddar - cheddar is great with turkey.


Cranberry sauce. Not that made from scratch or chunky canned stuff. Give me the good jellied stuff. Oh man, I'm welling up just thinking about it. The sound it makes when you take it out of the can... oh my!


@jha1223: But they screwed up when they made it so you can only open one end of the can!


@thumperchick: Here you go!

Sorry for the spelling errors; I got it from a friend. :)