questionsshould a 4-bay raid tower work with one drive if…


@omnichad: Thanks! After I posted I tried using a USB cable and the drive was recognized right away. I plan on backing up large amounts of data and it would be ok if I had USB 3.0 but my computer is a few years old and only has 2.0. Is there any way to check whether the eSATA problem is the RAID box or the computer without having another esata drive to test? Is there something possibly in the BIOS besides having eSATA enabled that I need to check? The computer is an Alienware Aurora ALX with Core i7 (1st gen).


@grush1: Have you tried plugging it in with the computer off? Your computer might not be set up to handle hotplugging of eSATA devices.


@omnichad: Yes I've tried that, still doesn't recognize the drive. Thanks for trying to help.