questionswhat are some good strollers?


Just a word of advice, make sure you think about what you do like to do, before you settle on 1 uber stroller.
There is also a difference between what you need for a new born (good recline, shaded top, easy access) and what you need for an older child. I ended up with 2. The first was a rugged stroller that could handle sand, snow and leaves, the second was a little umbrella stroller that was great for the mall or the zoo. I never liked the all-in-one carrier, car-seat, strollers but I know people who love them.


Good to know. I have zero experience with any of this. Im in my mid-twenties and even my close friends are just now having kids or getting pregnant. I had been looking at the all-in-one strollers though as they just seemed better.