questionswill 3d hd tv be around for a while?


not many out there!? Im having trouble finding a non-3d tv in hopes of getting it for cheaper. To be honest, I was surprised at how quickly 3d tvs got phased in.

I imagine it will be as successful, if not a little less-than, blu ray. I still dont have blu-ray, and will no way upgrade my dvd collection to them. But at some point, i'll jump on the wagon and begin a new collection. Same with 3d..just not that interested.


I am only finding about 7 titles that are not cartoons. I have searched everywhere. While there are some that are the older style 3d that require the paper glasses, I am not finding many movies that are in the blu-ray 3D format. I am just wondering if anyone heard any new news lately as to the future of 3D?


@whitedove333: my bad, I thought you were talking about the actual tv's themselves, not the movie selection. Yea, selection is limited right now for sure, but i do imagine they'll pick up (look at all the 3d movies in theaters lately).

There's also things like ESPN 3d.

I dunno, 3d just feels so gimicky...


No problem. Yes the TV's I can find. Just not sure if it is worth it if there is a weeks worth of movies and then nothing else to do with the TV. The movie we watched was amazing and it looked like the sea life was actually swimming in the room with us. It was not like any 3D movie that I had seen in the movies. It made me want to watch all movies like that and felt like I was going to go home and buy one at once. I started looking for movies so I would have something to try the TV out with and here I am now just wondering if it is worth it.

Does anyone have a 3D TV and do you feel it was worth it or are you feeling disappointed with the movie selection?