questionshow much of your holiday shopping have you…


I am so disorganized that I don't even know. At the moment I am living in the blissful delusion that I'm pretty close to done, but I suspect this weekend when I sit down to look at everything that delusion will be cruelly smashed.

Fruitcake for everyone!


I got my presents done before my cards, which need to be finished this weekend. It may help very few people are getting anything, though.

If anyone needs help finishing shopping, post up a challenge for items and we'll try to find some deals to get that all done with. :)


I've said "I think this should wrap up the xmas shopping" about 30 times so far in the last month. I don't know when to stop! I genuinely do think I am done gift shopping after this afternoon, but still gotta buy some wrapping stuff.


I'm done with Christmas shopping. However my very hard to buy for brother-in-law's birthday is 30 December. Not done with that one yet. I keep hoping something amazing will turn up or I'll hear him talk about something that he really wanted but didn't get for Christmas. But I'll probably end up either getting him a few plants (one of his few hobbies) or an Amazon gift card.


All of it except 4 items. Got it all in last week. Going to wrap it next week.
Even bought myself a few things.


All of it. But I'm late. I'm usually done by like September.


Pretty much. Now it's just small stuff, and anything I happen to see that strikes my fancy to get someone.


I hate getting done with shopping early, because then I find deals and justify in my head why I'm going over on my X-mas budget.

We're roughly 90% done, I have to get 1 more big ticket item for my oldest son (waiting for it to go on sale) and some other odds and ends and I can rest


98% done.

I have to buy a gift for my DH's, Stepfather's Mother. So... Step-Grandmother-In-Law?
And I have one thing to buy to finish DH's stocking. Then shopping is done!

Though, this weekend/early next week, there will be hundreds of cookies being baked, boxed, shipped, and/or delivered. THAT takes more effort/energy than Christmas shopping.

Anyone have an extra oven and stand mixer I can borrow?


I bought a 6 pack of woot wines to distribute among my parents and my older brother and sister (although I am keeping a F-Bomb for myself). In addition, I got the whole family a nice photobook from shutterfly from our recent vacation to Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, and Peru.

I also bought some large prints to frame for my friends, which will have short messages on the back :)


One item and some lottery tickets left to buy. Then some massive wrapping to be done.


I am waiting to buy a wii for my mum. I haven't decided if it will be new or used but it is no rush.

I have no idea what to get my father and step-mother. As usual.

I, too, have been saying "I'm done!" when I am really just in denial.

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Done! Well, almost. There's this one last thing I have to buy.