questionsdo you know anyone with a neatdesk system?


I don't personally know anyone who uses one, but I have bumped into someone at a Staples who spoke highly of it.

I would double check into how user friendly the software is, but overall I've heard good things about the product.

What I always do when I'm on the fence on a product is check the 1 and 2 star reviews on Amazon. Overwhelmingly, the ratings are unwarranted. Either the person clearly doesn't know what they're doing, they're trolling, or it's a problem that has nothing to do with the product.

Still, filtering through all that, you'll find the legitimate bad reviews, if there are any. Every once in a while you get a really good negative review that legitimately highlights the negative aspects. Those tend to be really helpful.

EDIT: also worth noting that there are many apps on the App Store/ Android Market which can do a lot of this stuff (though probably not as well) for free. Lemon is one such app which scans receipts and organizes them.


@thedogma: I tend to apply the "olympics" scoring system when I read ratings (drop the lowest and highest then take an average of the rest). The thing that I like the best is the paperwork scanning vs receipts. Perhaps I need to wait until a competing product comes out. I'll look into the apps, thanks for suggesting. :)


Looking around my workplace, apparently not.


Better way: I have been using PaperPort with various scanners (current using an HP all in one) with a great deal of success. I am 100% paperless at home. A nice change is that Chrome has a "print to PDF" option, which allows direct import into PaperPort for things like my Woot receipts.


@wilfbrim: Thank you sooooo much! I like the idea of using tools I already have, which is my HP all-in-one.