questionsif you make a delivery to a pizza place, should…


Yeah! When my doctor cancelled an appointment I made within 24 hours, I expected them to pay me for missing the appointment since I would have had to pay them if I cancelled. This really happened (and as you might guess, they didn't pay). I think I quoted George Costanza more than a few times... something about the "delicate genius."


This question made me think of this video. Want to talk about role reversal:


@coondogg97: If I attempted that, they would shoot me in the face. Kill. me. DEAD.


My boss is working locally today, should I yell at him for not asking permission?


Speaking of the doctor, they will have you wait in the waiting room 20 or 30 minutes after your scheduled appointment, but if you're 5 minutes late they read you the riot act about delaying other patients. They even make me wait if I am late. Dude WTF? If you're making me sit there reading People magazine from 1985 regardless of what time I show at least give me a break if I'm 5 minutes late or get me in on time. The dentist is the same way, I picture them just hanging out back there because I can hear all the women assistants clucking and carrying on.

As for tipping, I always get confused about food places that you order your own stuff at the counter, but they bring you're food and will get you stuff from the kitchen if you need it. Places like Chipotle, Smash Burger, Pizza Hut, etc... do you tip those people?


Whenever I find a killer deal, I love stopping by a Men's Wearhouse or Joe Bank on the way home from work, because I'm usually better dressed than all the schmucks who work there (I wear a suit every day to work). I don't offer them advice on how they should dress, but someone probably should


@ryanwb: A full pizza hut restaurant has servers around here. Are you talking about some mall food court variety with which I'm not familiar? Or a combo restaurant?


@omnichad: I've been to a couple of these places. They mainly run the counter, but bring the food over. You take care of your own drinks and they have busboys. You don't have a dedicated server.

@ryanwb: That's an interesting dilemma about the tip situation. I usually tip the busboys rather than the person working the counter, since they do the most work. If they split tips, then all the better. Also, there's no need to dog on the old magazines at doctors offices, People had a good 1985.

As for the OP: I remember when I was in Philadelphia for a conference, I opened the door for a doorman. I stood there for 5 seconds with my hand out and we both laughed when he finally realized what I was doing.


I used to work in pizza delivery in Lincoln Park IL and you'd be surprised at how many people don't tip. It's ridiculous.