questionswhere's my order?


Wait, we don't have to ignore it now, since the baby thread is popular.

I know, it's not Thursday, but still... In the honor of changing seasons:

long johns


Deals.woot is a deal aggregator and it doesn't sell anything itself: it's just a place for you to find out about good deals that can be purchased elsewhere on the web. If you purchased something from a deal listed on deals.woot, you have to communicate with the retailer from whom you made your purchase.

Most of us answering your question are not staff, so we don't have any special abilities to view your order history.

If you did make a purchase from a Woot site, you should to check your Woot order history for the site from which you ordered.
Sellout Woot:
Main Woot:
Shirt Woot:
Wine Woot:
Kids Woot:
(if you're not sure, check them all)

If you still don't see your order, send us a link to the deals.woot address from which you purchased.



long boat

(as I can't play the other game)


@armagedon: @chris12345
Neck tie and Tie fighter have both been used already, I will go back up to bottle neck

Turtle Neck


Neck tie

Edit: Aah, too late. Oh, well.

@shirtdeals: Yeah, I know. I was going for the infinite loop. Oh, well.


Mikey, Donnie, Raf, LEO, and Venus (sorry, got carried away with the turtles)

turtle soup


@luisibarra81: You can be pretty funny sometimes, but your comment crosses the line. Please keep it clean in the future.

I am starting up from @thefenst's comment

Iron ingots


Iron lung

or from @thefenst's comment

man up


Booo... looks like I broke the infinite loop, okay, lets see if this one is clean enough.



grade-ed cheese (is that too much?)


brain storm
brain drain
brain trust


@lavikinga: (I'm going to burn in hell for this one)

Storm Thurmond (snicker)


@shrdlu: Gah, that was bad!

Gale Storm

@beaverspork" "Beaverspork"??? I HAVE to hear the story behind THIS screen name!


I see what you did there...:P

Thurmond Munson


Ona Munson (an actress. I figure if we are switching to names now...)


@lavikinga: I love Gale Storm. I used to watch her show (in the syndication, I suppose) every afternoon. She was wonderful.

Oona Chaplin