questionsdo pocket sized breathalyzers actually work? areā€¦


A lot of them really are a joke, and while it's fun while you're drunk to blow into a keychain and get a number... it may or may not be the same number the cops get on their much fancier version when they pull you over for driving through the median wildflowers.

There are some small breathalyzers that purport to have had their accuracy certified by the FDA... but they certain aren't cheap. Also, the word on the street is that you want a fuel cell sensor, like the police equipment uses, and that's also unusual in a small, consumer model. You're looking at $50-100 for these models, easily.


Short answer: No, they don't. Fun at parties (I guess) but absolutely unreliable to get close to the real number.

Here is my rule: No drinking if I drive. Not even one. It's too easy to go from one to two, then three then some number greater, but I really don't remember, it can't be more than two officer.

Alcohol first impairs judgement. Not that any wooters would ever have endulged to the point that they did things they regret, now. But that also means it impairs your judgement about if you are really impaired, and that little yellow light isn't enough to keep you safe.


I own this one

I don't have a way to test the accuracy but I can say that drinking enough will get the meter to rise. I certainly wouldn't trust it to not get arrested but it does seem to work somewhat.


From what I've read, anything under 100 bucks is not worth your time.


They are more of a gag, but you can get a really good estimate if you 1st rinse your mouth with water and SPIT the water out, do not swallow. 2nd follow instructions of device. 3rd do the test 2 more times and average the 3 numbers. If your close to the limit, I do not recommend driving.


Short answer? If you're seriously considering checking a breathalyzer, you shouldn't be driving.


I can't answer your question, but the simplest way to avoid a ticket is don't drink and drive. Period. I speak from experience there.