questionsanyone else think the woot-off quality has…


I haven't actually been paying attention. I check the offerings a few random times each day and haven't seen anything I was interested in. Although in the last wootoff I ordered 2 items which was the first time I've done that in a long time.


What kind of stuff makes you think one Woot-Off is better than another? Honest question- we were talking about this recently and it was hard for me to really explain what people would be looking for.


I ordered 5 things yesterday and haven't done that in a while either. The $5 all-day shipping persuaded me to order a couple of items I'd usually scoff at. Good DW BOC fodder.

Strangely enough, the wine.woot selection has been way out of my price range. There always used to be multiple case it's a bunch of $15-$40 bottles. Most likely great QPR's, just too rich for my blood.

As far as one woot-off being better than another, it's 100% individual preferences. I'd say that the "one-off" goofy items that go quick are always entertaining.


@agingdragqueen: awesome question. deserving of its own page i reckon (honest comment, not sarcasm).


Every time I checked in, it was a TV, a monitor, MP3 player or a tablet. So, no. I don't want any of those, and seeing those things repeated over and over doesn't make it a good Woot Off. Know what we'll probably see listed on Woot over the next week? TVs, monitors, tablets and MP3 players. Still won't want one.

@agingdragqueen asked what things make a Woot Off better than another. For me, it's semi-inexpensive things that I can use, gift or otherwise may buy on a whim. It's an all day shopping spree so when you have the same electronics over and over, or everything has a high price point (subjective, but I'd like to know the average price over this Woot Off) then it's not a good Woot Off. More items where you can afford/want to get 3 of the item, than 1 or none. I'm more likely to get 3 $6 items, than one $20 item.

The good ones are the ones where you can buy multiple things, and feel good about it. You know you got an early Christmas gift, a birthday gift or something for myself.


And, just after I finish writing that.. oh look.. another tablet. How predictable.


@kmeltzer Since the beginning of the wootoff

Sale Type, Items Sold, Avg Price

home, 128, 32.5134374999999
kids, 115, 13.718347826086964
sellout, 3, 149.32333333333335
shirt, 2, 12
sport, 98, 25.515612244897937
tech, 2, 349.99
wine, 34, 50.78411764705883
woot, 149, 86.19812080536899


@lichme: If I'm reading that right, the the lowest average price is kids.woot with $13.71. And, the main woot at $86.19. That's a very high average price, in my opinion. We're deal seekers. Fun hunters. Corny collectors. Frugal folks. Need a lower average, or you can easily lose that audience.

Throw in a bunch of cheap/affordable stuff (remember all the Excalibur junk we all made fun of, but probably have a dozen items in our homes from them?) then you throw in the $500 knife set so people can go to the bathroom and stretch.

At least, that's my opinion. A bunch of expensive stuff isn't fun for me. But, maybe their bottom line shows that what they are doing works financially, even though some of us would prefer it be more fun.. like it used to be. Speaking of.. do you have similar stats from any old-school Woot Offs? Something 2011 style? Would be interesting to compare.


Well I haven't bought anything this wootoff so if you go by that it's worse for me I suppose.

But I also haven't been paying that much attention.


@kmeltzer: Unfortunately I don't, only since around Oct. I do however agree with you on the lower priced items. I think with the addition of tech.woot, you should be able to keep the PC's, monitors, tablets etc over there, and keep woot full of fun random crap.


For me to buy something at a woot-off, it has to be something I can decide on an instant's notice that I "have to have one right now". Basically it means it has to be something that I at least marginally want, but most importantly, the price has to be spectacular. I haven't seen any "spectacular" prices from woot on items that I 'at least marginally want' in a long time.

For example - one time I looked on kids woot they had a Tonka truck and boat. It was regularly $30 on Amazon, down to $20. Now add the $5 shipping and we're at a whopping $5 off. Not the sort of 'deal' that makes me run out and buy another toy for my kids. Back in the day, an item like that might have been $10, and I probably would have bought one. We used to get a ton of kids toys through woot, and save them until birthday's and Christmasses...

Now the art kit that keeps coming back is a decent deal. But we bought one long ago.


@tsfisch: I'm the same way, but if I do an impulse buy I make myself research the price even if it means missing out on the deal because the product ran out before I was done researching.

As for the quality of the woot-off items offered, I would agree that the quality is a little better. I just bought the Toro 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower ,I did a quick research and bought it right before they ran out. I didn't do my normal extensive search, but felt it was a pretty good deal and pulled the trigger after a few quick searches, as we have needed something like this.

I originally came to woot! because of the ever elusive BOC, but I was never able to get one...sigh. I did however stay because of deals.woot!