questionswho does/doesn't love a good night of drunken…


I'm here the majority of the time, sober or not. Mostly not. :) I have no regrets about it either way.


Dang it, @smtatertot13, you KNOW the rules. Put your tags in a comment, you know they'll be lost, and they're FUNNY.

For posterity:



@shrdlu: a) I've kinda been gone-ish for a while. b) you must know I have a lady crush on you. c) I don't expect d.w! to keep anything, whether funny, awesome or otherwise.

Part 4 is seriously, major lady crush. I wish I knew you in real life. Can you be part of my family? :D


worth saying that I regret 1-2 questions asked when i was what you might call "way too drunk for internet access." it's surprising or not-at-all-surprising" that my least popular questions also happen to be the ones asked when i was super duper crazy amounts of drunk. apparently booze makes me super lame!


PS: I wish I was able to be on enough to be a part of the community boxes of awful - i had a GREAT time being a part of the original box of awful and sent on some super duper awesomeness, but have missed all the later options. Can someone pretty please "invoke" me so I can play a part - i LOVE actual CRAP and have some AMAZING crap to send on :)

Sorry for 3 posts in a row, but like the question might make you assume, I AM DRUNK :D

also, also who downvoted drunken wootedness? F off :)


It's nice to know I'm not the only one who irresponsibly drinks and woots.


I didnt even know you could woot sober


At least i woot decent stuff while having a 'drink'. Last woot email i received said Your truffle butter will be on its way! Cannot wait for that. But on a side note, i have missed out on woots because of my 'drink'. I enter my password wrong 2-3 times and give up until morning and the item i want is sold out. Happened a few times now. LOVE WOOT though


Sounds like tonight to me! Glad to know I'm not the only one who does this. Heh.


My wife is a member of MADW


@smtatertot13: I think the "lady crush" comments immediately put you in the "drunken wooting" category.

j5 j5

@smtatertot13: @shrdlu informed me she would love to take you up on your lady crush and test out some of the new marriage laws! Only requirement is that it be a small ceremony with a mostly self grown vegetarian menu. Balls in your court, let us know how it goes :).

Now if you would excuse me its time for me to enter Witsec before shrdlu hunts me down.....


DARN! I'm on the wrong end of the day here for this conversation!
Just a few more hours, though...



LOL... Man... you are dead.

(You should know better... @shrdlu has friends everywhere...)


@raider9924: BUSTED. Shrdy gon kick your ass, boy ;)


Drunk posting started the day woot started!


Gee, my color changed for the worse. Come on guys! I had no power for a week!


@smtatertot13: Just to let you know that entire joke was solely directed at @shrdlu and was not meant in anyway to reflect on your real comments. Had to have some fun with her after what she put me thru....

Well now back off to a foreign local....Argentina maybe....


@raider9924: I have no idea of your history as far as whatever she "put you through", but I didn't take any offense. All good :)


@smtatertot13: Just a friendly joke she pulled acouple of days back, saw the opportunity for some funny "payback" and took it. She did feel very bad that you inadvertently got pulled into our joking around so just wanted to "clear the air". For the record I agree @Shrdlu is great! (so please dont kill me now :-)~ )

PS: I might have to give drunk posting a try around here, looks like fun!


I'm drinking right now.

Now back to your regularly scheduled discussion.