questionsanyone know of a source for inexpensive nook…


Well, five upvotes so I'd guess I'm not the only one looking, but no answers yet (not even humorous ones).


This is what I have:

It's not real leather (obviously), but it feels comfortable, fits right, and is secure. Still might be cheap crap depending on your tastes, but I think it looks pretty good, especially for the price.

If you want actual leather, maybe this?

I have no firsthand experience with that case, but I've had nothing but positive experiences with rooCase in the past.


I don't have a Nook, so I'm not sure exactly what specifications you have in mind for the case, but I did a search on Etsy and there seemed to be quite a few results:

I bought a case for my Kindle from Etsy and I love it. Hope this helps! :)


I just bought a roocase, this one:

$20, they come in 3 colors I believe. I've had it a day, all the controls and plugins are accessible. Fits snug but not tight nor does it bounce around any.
The magnetic clasp holds great, I couldn't shake it open with the nook inside. I like the adjustable stand, so I'm not always holding it in my hand/lap and you can work with it fine while on the stand.


I can absolutely agree with @xdavex. I have this same case and absolutely love it. Great quality, minimal bulk. Again, I could not be happier and I did a great deal of research.


@novastarj: Thanks.

About how much thicker than the Nook Color itself is it when in the case you have? Is it no more than twice at thick? Or more than twice as thick? My goal is to still be able to stick it in a jacket pocket, but have it protected enough that if I drop it, it has a reasonable chance of surviving.

Leather is not a requirement for me, though I am not opposed to it either (except perhaps because it is likely to be more expensive).



Wow! there are some wild looking cases on Etsy. While I'm just looking for something plain black or gray or brown or some such drab color, my daughter is now looking through the cases on Etsy for herself. Thanks.


@xdavex, @mfladd:

Thanks. I was reading the reviews on Amazon and they look pretty good.

Several reviews (the first is one) mention that the Nook is held in the case only by friction and that it can slide out of the case if you hold the case upside by the lid. Would you agree? (Not sure how often one might do this, but a snug fit with a flap or some such is probably a good idea for me.)


@baqui63: Ok, I just attempted to make the nook come out. First, there is actually a leather flap, but it is not magnetic, nor does it have a snap it just folds around the nook. I will admit this is the one weakness of this case. That being said I had to shake the case numerous times upside down to dislodge the nook. Something which I don't believe is ever going to happen. You could actually use a small piece of sticky backed velcro to alleviate any concern. That said, this is a great case for the money. You will not be disappointed.


@baqui63: Looking at it now, it's probably about twice as thick (maybe a shade more).

I think the case would protect against a small drop (maybe a foot or so) onto most anything, but beyond that who knows... so much depends on the surface and the angle it falls.


I found a company that sells sleeve covers for the Nook Color, Nook Touch, Kindle 3 and other ereader models for only $7.95 - $8.95 with free shipping included.

Received my sleeve 4 days after I ordered it and am quite happy with my purchase of the new Nook 2 Touch model sleeve.

Here is the link: