questionswill a macbook pro need a special hdmi cable to…


You would need to purchase a DVI-I to HDMI cable for true HD and these are available from Apple and many other sources for very reasonable prices. Generally under $10


Thank you! I figured a regular HDMI cable would not work. But I didn't know what to look for. I check out Apple Store unless someone sends a different link.


@thefenst: Thanks. I'll get it ordered. I hope you know about Macs because I'm trusting you. :)


@thefenst: Just out of curiosity...what is the difference between
DVI-I 24+1
DVI-I 24+5


@cindihoward: I have a Macbook Pro actually. I have a DVI to HDMI cable running to my Sony Bravia LCD at home. :)


@cindihoward: The difference between the 2 is the number of pins on the side. The 24+1 has one, whereas the 24+5 has 5. The Macbook Pro can take either I believe, but the input itself is a 24+5, so that is what I would go with.

Here is a picture of the the various types for comparison:

And here is a picture of those 2 specifically:

This Wikipedia article provides a good description of the various connection types:

Amazon has 2 for sale that get good reviews: is the Cables Unlimited 24+5, that is the one I have.

They also sell an AmazonBasics brand 24+1:

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Also, you will want to make sure he has a Macbook Pro and not a Macbook or Macbook Air, which have "Mini DisplayPorts" that need to have a converter to accept a DVI cable. Macbook Pros are the only Macbooks that have the full DVI port. If he has one of the others, he will need one of these:


@thefenst: @cindihoward: I have a Macbook Pro actually. I have a DVI to HDMI cable running to my Sony Bravia LCD at home. :)

My son wants to know if he has to have an audio cable as well as the DVI to HDMI cable to recieve both pic and sound. I think the DVI is all he needs but he thinks he will need the audio cord also.


@cindihoward: DVI doesn't carry audio. HDMI does, but the Macbook doesn't have HDMI, only DVI. He will need an audio cable or an external speaker. If he wants to feed the sound from the Macbook to the TV directly, the TV will need to have a "Line In" port. If it does, he can use this:

One end will go into the headphone jack on his Macbook and the other into the "Line In" port on his TV.

If it doesn't have a "Line In," he can feed the audio directly into the RCA ports on the TV. If that is the case, he needs one of these:

One end will go into the headphone jack on his Macbook and the other into the red & white audio ports on his TV.

Alternatively, he can feed the audio through his Macbook and the video through the TV. I use this speaker to do just that:

Let me know if you have any more questions!


@thefenst: Yes! I do have another question. His Headphone jack does not work. He was told he would have to send it in to have it fixed and it would be about $200, which he doesn't have yet (just moved out on his own, and has his first real man job) but hasn't been at it long enough to save for this kind of expense. Anyway, is there any other way to get sound? He asked me about wireless headphones at Christmas but I didn't know what to look for that would not required use of the headphone jack. Is he out of luck until he gets this fixed? Thanks!


@cindihoward: That's too bad, but he is not out of luck! For $8, he can get this and he will be all set for anything (regular speakers, headphones, or either cord mentioned above):

Alternatively, he can get either of these that feed directly off the USB port: