questionswhat's the best hard drive for my macbook pro?


i'm assuming yours died? how long did you use it before it crapped out? i got my first macbook a couple years ago and so far i'm on the fence in terms of their hardware longevity. i already had to send my charger back and my wifes macbook had the touch pad crap out. i love the software but i'm not sure they make a sturdy product.


@ndcouch: my harddrive is alive and kicking, its the stock 250gb 5400 rpm model that comes with the 2010 mbp. I have had my laptop about a year, i just wanted an upgrade that will make my experience faster, and make my laptop worth more money when it comes time to sell it.


@discodiscoman: You may also want to consider a hybrid drive such as the Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid. They are slower than SSDs, but probably faster than an OEM Macbook Pro drive. What this drive will do is cache often used data, such as core Operating System files used at boot and commonly used applications, and store that data in its small (usually a few GBs) SSD-like cache. You can get a 500 GB for $100 on Amazon currently:


I went to my local electronics store and for whatever reason they had a 750gb seagate momentus 7200rpm with 16mb cache for only $69.99. Cheapest on amazon was $102 sooo I definitely got the most money's worth there. Thanks for your help guys