questionshow big is yours?


55" but I wanted the 60" and they didn't have it available at the time. I'm now sort of glad I didn't because the TV nitch that it's in probably couldn't support a bigger TV.


First: I see what you did there.

the 60 inch Sharp tvs are what I've been looking at for a long time now. I think I'm waiting on Black Friday for a deal, because it is, as people have been mentioning, right around the corner. I think if you have a space you'll want to fill it up. We currently have a 32 inch tv in a space that will hold a 55-60 inch and it just looks kinda puny I think. We have a 42 in the bedroom, and I play my xbox at my desk on my 24 inch monitor.


My living room isn't huge. 42" is what I have - any bigger and I'd feel like I was watching a tennis match.


My living room is fairly large and I have a 42" TV. I could not part with the money for a TV larger than 42", but would love to have one.


I used this chart and decided on 50"

I sit about 8 feet from it and I'd say it's just the right size.


The first thing to know is: How far away will you be from the TV when watching it normally.
See this for what I mean:

To answer for me personally though: We have a 55" setup in the family room and really like it. For the size of the room and viewing pleasure, it fits perfectly.

I have an old 32" in the Living Room upstairs -- not much that we do with that one, but it's OK for just generally watching TV.
I'll probably update it to a 42" in the next year or two though. It just looks so tiny!


@panthiest: heh, nice! I like that chart, and looks way cooler than my dumb link below it...


@panthiest: I wonder if that chart is the same if you're watching 2D or 3D.

I ask because if you're too far away to see a 3D movie, the walls and other items around the TV become distractions to the 3D effect. It sets a frame of reference and if you sit closer to where you're not looking at that, the effect is stronger.


@cengland0: I think the numbers hold, but you might want to be toward the middle of the range as a minimum size. 8 feet says 32-63, so you'd want to at least have maybe a 46" TV for 3D at 8 feet.

You're right that anything in your field of vision might be a distraction, but this is also why 3D is designed so that the TV screen is about the visual depth as the main characters on screen. Anything behind the main character are "behind" the surface of the screen (as if the TV screen were a window), and very rarely, effects shots seem to be coming out of the TV surface toward you. This means there's less overlap at the edges with the outside scenery. Having a dim room helps tremendously with this as well.


37" TV, sitting about 6 feet away.


I have two 55" TVs (one in the basement, one in the living room), and they are perfect size for both rooms.


19 ". It's an old CRT tube TV. It suits me just fine. It's not complicated. I don't like complicated things. I push a button and it works. Someday, I will buy a newer TV. Not now. Someday.


I have a 37" Panasonic Viera LCD and I am very pleased with it.
I have a narrow living room, so picture size isn't an issue. Picture quality will definitely make up for a few inches in size, IMHO.


I has a 52" which I thought was way too big at first....Now I wish I has bigger :(


The TV we bought is too big, 72" Samsung. We bought it at Costco, sitting there in the wide open it looked just right. When we got it home it was like being in the front row of a movie theater. We had to move the couch back several feet so we're wasting a great deal of floor space. The picture is amazing, but it's just shockingly huge.

Bigger isn't always better


55 incher viewed from about 6 feet away. We're very satisfied. I remember thinking it was huge when we got it, but now I can picture having a bigger one. (plenty of room on that wall) We had the same feeling with our old 42"; it seemed big at first, but then we wanted more. To avoid future regret, I say always buy slightly bigger than you think you'll want.


@cengland0: I agree with your 3D comment. The effects are more immersive when the screen fills more of your field of vision.


I have a 32" Vizio that I purchased new at Costco over a year ago; I absolutely adore it. My choice of size was constrained by a desire to fit the television into my parents' old TV cabinet. The picture quality is amazing; although it's much smaller than the old-skool CRT that it replaced, I haven't noticed because of the superiority of the picture. However, I'd like to rearrange my living room so that we'd sit about 17' from the television and I'm concerned that it will be too small from that distance.


42" and love it, but my wife is drooling over something bigger. She really needs to get a life outside of TV, right? :)


I think 42"-47" inch TVs are best for most homes, we have both sizes.

I went to my friends house one time and their living room TV was a hefty 60" in diameter, extremely difficult to play single player call of duty (I would have to turn my head all the way up left corner just to see the HUD while getting shot at) though.

Oh hey, speaking of screen sizes... I heard there were 84 inches out there now..

That's pretty much most of my wall already.. O_O


I just purchased a 46" yesterday. Although I have always wanted a TV this size, it is definitely something to get used to. It just seems so big!


50". It was barely big enough to fit in my old apartment, but now in our new place, I think I can easily go up to 55" or 60".


40" samsung flat screen, that doubles as my monitor. I wish i hadn't seen that chart on how far back you're supposed to sit >.<