questionswhat kind of earbuds would you recommend i use…


These may be a bit expensive but are by far the best I have used
Bose MIE2i Mobile Headset

You can sometimes find them on sale for ~70$


It depends on what's comfortable for you and how important sound quality is. I've got a pair of Altec Lansing earbuds (no idea on the model) that are among the best I've ever used. Practically every other pair I've tried just wouldn't stay in the ear, no matter what bud shape I used. So for me personally, fit is a very important factor.

For your lower to mid range earbuds, you probably wont notice a huge difference in sound quality.

I'd suggest heading over to Marshall's or TJ Maxx or whatever you have local and investigating what they have. All the boxes will have the technical specs, so you can compare that way. Try a couple and see if you find one you like. Best of all, it'll be cheap. If none of those work for you, then look towards spending some more money.

Keep an eye on deals sites, though. I got my current buds on a whim from one, paid like six dollars ("listed" around 70) and I am truly impressed.


If you can get past the fit, Monoprice 8320.

The lack of ear tip options is its biggest pitfall. The sound quality ... these will hold its own even against $100+ sets.


I am partial to UltimateEars. Naturally, I mean the cheap ones not the $1300 custom fit earbuds that musicians use. I bought 2 pairs 2 years ago for 20 bucks each on sale at Logitech. Unfortunately, I lost the one pair shortly later but the other pair worked for quite some time afterwards. They only stopped working when the cord was violently pulled out of my computer. Logitech support was amazing and sent me another pair for free. I still use that pair every day. I've never splurged on $100 earbuds or anything but the MetroFi 220v that I have are better than anything I've ever listened to.


@narfcake: Thanks, ordered four because my cats keep chewing on them. Did you see the earplug trick to make them fit better?


Big +1 on @gopvifootball's Ultimate Ears 100 suggestion (I think they're usually around $15 or $20 when not on sale). They come with 3 sizes of silicone eartips, and you get a surprising amount of noise isolation just from those while still being able to put them in and take them out quickly and easily.

JVC Marshmallow earbuds are also a cheap classic -- they're basically earbuds with foam earplugs attached to the end. The foam material does mean that you need to spend a little time compressing the foam and inserting it into your ear every time you want to put them in, which means it's harder to pull out one earbud casually to talk to someone for a few seconds.