questionswould you ever pop the question like this?


About 4.5 million YouTube hits so far, in five days since it was posted.


@gionot: I feel like mine doesn't come close to that. In fact my youtube count was ~ 600 and it's been posted for 4 days.


@gideonfrost: Mine has no views... but nudity isn't allowed on youtube... :)

That's a really cool video though


I proposed on myspace....wasn't that cool at one time?


@gideonfrost: The point is not how many views you have, but the thought and love that went into the proposal. On those counts, your proposal was splendid!

BTW, I think you have a pretty impressive YouTube count when most of the world doesn't even know about the fabled BOC. If I was into social media, I'd be glad to spread the link. Since I'm not, all I can do is say is, "Congratulations and Best Wishes for Long and Happy Life Together!"


Stuff likes this always moves in cycles, pretty soon it will be on to something else that is extreme. Best thing to do is do something that will be memorable for the both of you and will not make your partner feel uncomfortable. Sure it may not get millions of Youtube hits but you will still get the yes (which is the most important part).


Public proposals - or other public actions or actions that become public by being posted on youtube - are not everyone's cup of tea. Personally, I can't imagine proposing to someone in such a public manner and I would not want to be proposed to in a public manner. However, obviously it appeals to others and I'm happy for that couple that they are receiving positive feedback that it looks like they are enjoying (I've not watched the video, but I read the related article). Best wishes to them!

@gideonfrost: Your proposal sounds like it was just perfect for you two! I appreciate that you were willing to tape it to share with your woot family. Do you want each of us to watch it again to increase your youtube views? :)


I saw that a few days ago, and thought it was unbelievably sweet. I'll admit that I'd be a bit freaked out over a proposal quite as involved as this guy's, but I sure would like something a bit more involved than "hey, why don't we go get married later today?" over instant oatmeal one morning.

I've been dropping hints to my sweetie that maybe we should make things official soon. Maybe I'll lose my patience and just propose to him. ;P What is the male equivalent of an engagement ring?


@neuropsychosocial: that's not necessary but thanks for the offer. I've watched it 10 times myself though.


OK, I'm going to be the Woot Curmugeon today. These are getting way out of hand, and are becoming just a method for self indulgent attention grabbing.

Call me old fashioned, but this really should be an intensely private moment between two people. The wedding is the time for public attestations (really, what a wedding is all about). The proposal should not be about bands, and YouTube hits. Maybe the next big thing will be fake wedding proposals to try and make money on YouTube or Vimeo.

EDIT: The guy is an actor. No wonder.


I'm cutting edge. I Instagrammed a picture of the ring.


I always feel like these grand public gestures put a lot of pressure on the proposee to say yes. As if it's already not a huge decision to make, you've got friends, family, and perhaps the whole world watching. How could you say no?

Don't get me wrong - it's an adorable video, and I'd be absolutely floored if my partner did this for me (seriously, our friends couldn't pull this off without a miracle). But I'd just as happily take something small and private, and that would let us take our time and make the right decision.

If I'm going to do something as a surprise, it's more likely to be the wedding itself (à la Zuckerberg).


I got the feeling that there were some semi-pro performers in that group. The chick in the red dress, for example, seemed to be pretty used to choreography.

I might be wrong, but I usually assume that these kinds of proposals are just the formal proposal for couples who have already discussed marriage in the past, and so the guy proposing is pretty sure of the answer already.


Wow! This video was so sweet! Brought tears to my eyes. You can SEE how excited and happy she is, and how much they love one another. I can't say I would propose this way, and my husband certainly didn't propose to me like this, but it was right for them, and isn't that what matters?

For the record, my husband was in boot camp at Parris Island when he "popped the question" in a letter to me :) Sweet, romantic, and every bit as loving and meaningful for us as this was for them!


@gideonfrost: Your video was 100% genuine and done from the heart. I just watched this video again, and I'm starting to come to the opinon that this was a staged event from start to finish. It's cute and all, any may be expressing true emotions, but this was rehearsed and I'm thinking all parties (even her) knew their roles. Sorry, the Woot Curmegeon is really coming out today.


It was good. But it wasn't sliced bread good.

Congrats to the new soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Interbutt of the week video!