questionsdoes woot care about their customer service?


next time maybe jus pony up for the expedited shipping if you need them urgenlty, i never expect anything quickly for free shipping...


Was it a shirt from one of their promos, like science theme, summer days etc? A lot of those don't ship until after the sale is over and can take longer to process, my guess is they get custom ordered.

I find woot customer service to be second to none. Often times they will correct a problem without anybody complaining about it.

Bad customer service: Just last week I sat on the phone with HP for over an hour for them to tell me they couldnt do anything to fix their own product. They finally transferred me to somebody who knew what they were talking about and I am awaiting a replacement.


We do take these problems seriously, for sure!

We're listening and trying to fix the process, but it is an on-going effort. Thanks for letting us know there's been an issue.


I've typically had good experience/ luck with woot. Heck, a couple woot-offs ago I bought a few things and they arrived in like a week and a half.

@drsilentg is right though. Free shipping usually means a wait. It's a bit of a trade off.

Still, assuming it wasn't a special shirt like @lichme mentioned, I'd chalk that up to just bad luck.


I've had nothing but great service from Woot!. They do seem to care about their customers. I do know that if I order a t-shirt, if it's the mainstay on shirt.woot, they usually ship in a day or two, however, the stuff on the themed sales do tend to take a couple of weeks (I think this is because they wait for all of the orders, then print the quantity they need and then ship them).


@gatzby: Before taking it to a public question, I tried to email your service email address.

Obviously my goal isn't to tarnish woots name, but merely get my concerns addressed. How do we progress from here?


@lichme: I dont believe it was a promo, only saw this shirt once (was the pirate teeshirt).

When its promos, do they typically illustrate the delay on the ordering screen?

EDIT: Here is the pirates vs ninjas cagematch where it was ordered from.


@bauer1sc: Was it from this sale?

At the bottom, states shirts will ship out on 6/20. If there are multiple shirts on the page, it means it is a special sale, expect delays. So add 7-10 business days to that. Even expedited shipping is only gonna get you faster shipping, but it would have still had to wait until 6/20 to leave the warehouse.

(Explained this to my boss 30 mins ago)


@lichme: You were correct! Just received an email from them stating that same thing.

Maybe just a suggestion, but perhaps putting that in a more obviously location (or even at the point of checking out where one actually selects the shipping option) would help.

Thanks again for your help lichme.


@bauer1sc: Anytime. I also noticed that when buying a shirt from a sale, on the order screen under features, there is the shipping date highlighted in a bright orange color, hope that helps you for the future.


@lichme: Not to beat a dead horse, but I just clicked on the promotion for and added a shirt to the cart. ( I do see the orange ship date on the screen now "These heroes of Derbies gone by will be shipped to you on July 6!")

When you are checking out, there are 2 shipping options.
Standard (7-10 business days)
Free for all Shirt.Woot orders in the U.S.

Get it Thursday, 6/28

One would question how the shirt would ship out on the 6th of july and get to the house on June 28th.

I do give them credit that it was listed on the page, but minus 10 points for illustrating the incorrect ship date on the order screen.


@bauer1sc: The ship date on the order page is a bug that is being worked.

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The discrepancy between the shipping dates on either side of the Buy Now button for Shirt.Woot Woot Plus sales is a thing we are aware of and working to address. We sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding.


@mattschuette: I'm glad woot is aware of the issue, however an apology doesn't get me the items in the time period I saw when I bought the product which was reaffirmed by the overnight option.

Yes I must have overlooked the the previous page, but you'd think either woot would fix the bug and help those out who purchased while the bug was effecting the order screen or do something.

All I know is that its VERY misleading and even after finding the shipping date (even pointed out by your staff) that now there is a "bug with discrepancy between ship dates". Again I'm left asking the question "Does woot care about customer service?"


@bauer1sc: The people in the customer service department care a great deal about customer service; woot's service department goes above and beyond. I can't say enough good things about them, but I'd really like to send cookies to Tyler for being so helpful.

However, we are not entirely sure if the people at the top of woot, the ones amazon holds responsible for woot's contribution to amazon's bottom line and hence amazon's stock price, actually care about customer service. But the people at woot who we all actually deal with? They care and they're doing the best that they can with what the Overlords give them to work with.


quit whining. You've been her for 5 years, you should know by now that woot shipping is notoriously and famously slow.


Some times it pays to make just a wee bit of a fuss. I purchased the Little Giant Ladder woot offered a few weeks ago as an early Father's Day present for my husband. I let the box sit for a few days after it was delivered because: 1.) I was lazy, and 2.) I'm on the Injured Player List.
Finally opened the box & realized I had been sent a used ladder. It was scratched, had paint stuff spilled on the sides and dirt crusted on the treads. I double checked to make just they weren't supposed to be refurbs, and saw a comment on the product thread that someone else was shipped a used ladder.
A PM to woot service got me an offer of $20. Seriously. Just $20. I don't mind refurbs, but I didn't BUY an uncertified, dirty, scratched refurb. It was bumped up the chain & the next thing I knew, the Little Giant vendor emailed me requesting photos, sent me a RMA# & arranged for a FedEx pick up. The new ladder was delivered just a few days ago.
Sometimes you just have to push a little bit harder.


@lavikinga: Well I believe I'm standing up for what I feel is right. At ordering the next day ship date is misleading. I was hoping either an email or this string of messages would get them to try to make the situation right, in their eyes I suppose they feel an apology is all that is necessary.


Yes they do (care about customer service). I have had minimal problems with woot! orders, always with the product, never their service. since they only print shirts and don't manufacture any products, it was never their fault, HOWEVER they always step up and make it right. I have returned products to woot! with prepaid shipping, I have also been told to keep/toss the item and received full refunds. Most recently with some poor quality golf balls, they sent prepaid labels to everyone who emailed about them and then a day later sent emails stating to keep/toss the golf balls if you want and still get a full refund. Then today I got a free box of the same crappy golf balls (very funny) and a letter (even funnier), here's the link:

Overall, good quality service. Sounds like a misunderstanding that I can see has been cleared up. Happy wooting!


I ♥ woot customer service. Never had a problem when I did have a problem.


With one exception (still on going)< I've had wonderful support from woot's Customer Service people.

(The on-going issue is regarding woot! skillets: I purchased two during the original sale but was shipped a pair of standard Lodge skillets. I contacted and was told I could have a refund or wait, possibly a month or more, until they got more, so I said I'd wait.

Then today, I learned that woot was selling more of the woot! skillets so I again emailed asking how I go about trading my non-woot skillets for woot! ones and, other than the automatic reply, I haven't heard back yet.

I'm hoping that a pair of woot skillets (plus return labels as I don't want the plain Lodge skillets) will just show up at work...)


I purchased a computer from Woot that occasionally crashed and would not update Windows. I was sent to several different support companies that supposedly were responsible for service. 3 different service companies passed the buck. Upon contacting Woot for support, they indicated that they have no ability to help... that includes finding out which of these support companies is actually responsible for my service. They did nothing. Essentially, I purchased a buggy product and they will do nothing about it. I do not recommend purchasing anything from Woot.