questionswhy doesn't deals.woot have a comprehensive faq?


@squirtle456 They do up in the top right where it says "what is deals.woot?"

I do wish it would be a little more straightforward. As in:

"We don't sell the junk, we just link to them."
You can add links too by clicking the large red button saying 'add a deal'."


@skippykj: I know there is a small FAQ.

My question is why is it not a comprehensive FAQ. There is nothing mentioned in the FAQ on:
* how to post a deal or
* how to use deja vu or
* what the tattle is for or
* why they are using an "I want one" button like on the other woot sites confusing some people who actually think they are buying from a woot site when they are in truth being linked to another site.


@squirtle456: in that case, I total agree. (see above)


I had a link to a thread up there, but it did not answer the question. So I deleted it. The people who decide that sort of things are sometimes here on the weekends. And sometimes not. However, the community can always offer their opinions.


@faughtey: I saw your first comment and thank you for the response. I was just wondering if the FAQ that exists could maybe be expanded to include some of the basic guidelines that would make participation on this site a little less "trial and error".


@squirtle456: Yes, it would be helpful if they expanded the FAQ. There have been requests for that before, but so far they have not been updated.


@squirtle456: We tried, once upon a time. Please note, I include this link ONLY for the sake of the information that is still in it. It no longer goes to the offline FAQ in Google Docs. That was deleted long ago. It still has some excellent suggestions.

Please note also that looking at the early contributions from me, from @sgoman5674, and from others, may be helpful. Some of it is dated, because the format of the site has changed, but simply starting from the beginning of the questions that made Popular and traveling forward in time may help you to find them.

How sad it is, that a year later, the FAQ under "What is Deals Woot?" has changed so little. I believe the largest change was that they renamed "Ask the Wooters" to "Ask the Community."


@shrdlu: Thank you. That is the thread that @faughtey referenced in the deleted comment.

I have been lurking for a while to learn the ins and outs of this site before I signed up but the people who just jump in have very little guidance. The popular question tab has lots of pages to muddle through but the older fresh questions just get saved in the Library and the casual observer would never know they were there unless the person knew to do a search and that there was a library. Some of the questions that had good information on them were answered with the first comment and never made popular. A simple expansion of the FAQ (like adding hobbit's where is my order answer) would reduce some of the repetitive questions.


While an excellent idea, Woot staff would much rather spend free time dressing up their monkey dolls in fancy different colored capes.

However, considering the people maintaining the integrity of this site must in fact be those monkey dolls, I suppose it's a good start.


@squirtle456: Huh? There's a library around here somewhere??

:::off to look for the library:::


I think this comment was deleted before I am trying again, different day so different rules.

"I think, if the rules were posted, and properly followed, it would disallow any deals from, unless the first rule is 'the rules below do not apply to"


@caffeine_dude: I don't understand your comment. Why should Amazon deals not be allowed? They're often the best deal out there.


I was looking at a deal for a site that sold 'adult product' the deal itself was not adult and the site was not adult oriented. I wish I had the example. This deal was removed in 2 hours but the 4 comments were basically like this.
Comment 1. This deal will be removed.
Comment 2. Why
Comment 3. The site contains adult material, Woot would allow this product if the website did not also contain adult material.
Comment 4. Thanks.

1 rule leaned by 1 person, the hard way. (ok that is not fair I also learned that specific rule that day too)


@caffeine_dude: Ah, ok. I see where you were going with that. Thanks for the explanation.


@caffeine_dude: Then why are there constantly lingerie deals? Are those sites not 'adult'? I'd like to see those removed.


@smiley1213m: When you have a few spare hours, I invited you to slog through all of these comments on the lingerie deals posted to deals:

They aren't going away any time soon. Take a look at the leaderboard and see where @ohcherie is perched. OC doesn't seem to be going anywhere but up.

To my knowledge, that spot was earned solely on the merits of the lingerie deals posted, not on that OC's voting participation or commenting throughout the community. Frothy lingerie and the dopes commenting "Mom" are here to stay. (I'm not including you, @MatthewFazio, in that dopes comment. Dude! Where are you?).

I'll give you advice that the old guard used to give: Don't click on them, don't vote on them. Ignore them. If that won't work, you can use the advanced search to filter out anything you don't want to see. Include "recent" in what you DO want to see. Book mark it and use it to view deals. It's the only work around I can offer you.


@lavikinga: Umm..."old guard" includes staff (specifically me!) giving that advice to ignore. We regularly review lingerie posts to make sure there are no voting/comment irregularities that would positively influence the popular algorithm. So far, we have not found anything inappropriate.

So... have asked for blatant transparency so here goes...

...your community loves lingerie.

You (community) vote on it. You (community) click on it. You (community) comment on it. You (community) make it popular.

"Popular" encourages them (lingerie retailers) to post again. They get clicks. They sell stuff. They make money.

There are two things to take away here if you don't like it.

1) Ignore it. Don't contribute to it's popularity by participating in it.
2) Provide an alternative. As in, dilute it. As in, drown it. Post other things that attract more community participation...


...but not $6M castles and 30lb gummy worms. Yes, those things get popular but do you really want them here in a deals environment?

Apparently you go ahead. If you don't like the lingerie deals, go find better deals that more of the community wants to buy.

And go expand the community while you're at it.

How many friends have you told about deals.woot today?

Ok. Stop. I know who I'm talking to.

You're all kerfufelled/kerfuffelled/bentoutofshape about censorship and shewee and offtopic and gold status and lube and crap you don't like vs bacon and zombies and the crap you do like vs the concrete lines of "adult" material and whether FREE should have it's own tab...and so are we.

We're all working this out together. Slowly. A little bit at a time.

So let's keep working...

vote-for2vote-against apologies...I should have said @all on my first reply. My bad. I'm human.


@jumbowoot: Silly you. Not human. Jumbo Human.


@jumbowoot: Aww, you didn't like the giant gummy worm?


@jumbowoot: Finally and about damned time! This has needed to be said for-just-about-ever. A public Wootfist has been made and I could kiss you, Jay! I don't mind the pounds of bacon stuff any more than the t shirts. Zombies are goofy and have no issue with the lingerie. Goodness knows I have drawers full of froth. I took good advice given to me long ago: I ignore the items that don't interest me like the hard drives, batteries and video games. I've been trying to pass that advice on when the whining starts. SO GLAD to see a definitive statement from you.

Now about that's on meth. Ok, maybe not meth, but it sure is wonky if someone can get on the leader board by only posting deals and commenting solely on their own deals. I mistakenly thought one had to contribute across the site. I'm not saying it's not fair (I'm on the board so it's not an envy issue). It's just odd.

Don't worry about singling me out. You'll get a private shot across your bow if we need to chat.


@jumbowoot: One last thing and it's that nasty can o' worms. All heartache and gnashing of teeth aside, I don't think the off topic tab adds to the sense of community. I'm willing to live with it, but it's like adding a fifth wheel to the horse cart. We're feeling all the bumps in the road and the ride is rougher. Now if woot is happy with it that way, so be it. But comparing past usefulness to current, I think it's an awkward change.