questionsemergency! can i dry shirt.woots on high heat…


They should be fine. I have a rather cheap dryer that only really has one heat setting, which is rather high, and none of my woot shirts have been ruined.


I've always thrown ours in on high and not had a problem.


Turn them inside out first. Lots of screen printed shirts recommend this for normal washing.


Yep, though I would suggest washing them inside out- it's an easy step to insure the design stays looking good.


Sounds silly, but what about throwing them into the freezer? I don't know if a few days would do it, or if you have to worry about the life cycle of the eggs.

Too bad a good boil on the top of the stove wouldn't work.


@lavikinga: FWIW, I have boiled a couple shirts before. No, it wasn't for soup, but rather to get rid of "wet dog" smell.


Do not put them in the freezer. That is not a confirmed weapon against bed bugs.

I have dealt with bbs before and now dry all of my clothes on high just in case. Some of my Woot shirts have shrunk but the printing has never been affected.

Also, assuming the clothes are clean, put them directly into the dryer. If you wash them, you'll have to dry them longer. Forty minutes on high from the time they're dry.

Good luck.


Thanks for your help everyone! The deals.woot community is pretty much the only thing that has made me smile today!


I can't say much for the bed bugs, but it IS possible to melt the print in the dryer. I assume it would depend on how heavy the design is on the shirt, though. I wish I turned my fresh crab shirt inside out, now it's in a weird melted form and the shirt itself is basically glued funny.


Note to self: OP is not allowed to return anything back to Woot.


Just kidding...


Having battled bedbugs myself, I feel your pain!

The dryer I've got runs intensely hot, and has been known to melt synthetic fabrics, especially if the fabric comes into extended contact with the vent at the back of the dryer (I was initially confused when some underthings came out with a burnt honeycomb pattern!). I've seen my boyfriend's shirts crack and peel faster when he's drying them regularly than when I hang them to dry, so I generally hang mine to dry whenever possible.

But, that said - drying them one time, to kill bedbugs, should be worth the slight risk. Make sure you turn them inside out, as others have suggested, and make sure you have other clothing in there to diffuse the heat and prevent any hot spots from forming.

Hopefully this thread will raise bedbug awareness - it's good to be safe when you travel. Keep luggage off the floor, check your bed before you sleep in it. These nasties stick around, better safe than sorry!