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How about this: Up votes or no votes, kind of like the old days here on deals before the spiteful, vindictive knives came out.


I gotta is fun clicking on arrows!

...I think people can vote on this.


There have been some good comments posted in the regular forums and I wished I could have up-voted them but that feature wasn't there.

The purpose of the voting could make it so the most voted comments appear at the top. There are sometimes pages and pages of comments and that would help.


Upvoting is good. Downvoting is pretty bad except when the person who does it has the courage of their convictions and says why.


It would give us something to do while waiting for the B0C's to start shipping/arriving. I vote +1 for this!


I don't always go to the woot forums, but when I do I drink Dos Equis. ;-) Seriously, I don't go there often - I don't think voting would be good there. They might start the 'reputation' debacle there. :-/

Currently posts that are deemed good/outstanding/whatever are given "Quality Post" recognition by staff. Let it be. When you find a really great post, quote it & say so. Maybe that would suffice??


I sometimes hang out at the Woot forums and I think this isn't a bad idea. (I believe it was @reginafilangee, who in her ramblings, was discussing wanting to upvote certain forum comments). Very few Quality Posts are given out and that's only by the staff. Upvoting would allow us lowly Wooters to give approval to "good" comments. Bring it on!


@barnabee: I think it was @reginafilangee who planted the seed. Sorry @reginafilangee, I should have given you a shout out. -1 for me.


@telymanbws: Nah, we won't give you a downvote, we'll just give @reginafilangee her own, personal upvote!


Does that mean the avatars should be here, too?

Back on topic....It may make quite a stir for the people who are not regulars on deals.woot. Multiple explanations could be a hassle for a time.

It might be interesting if it was possible to sort by votes and then click on a post to see it inline for context. I do not know how much of a programing nightmare that would be.


I like the "upvote or don't vote" idea....can we make it that way here as well?


I like the idea. I often want to upvote people's comments over there and see others requesting the same thing that may not visit the land of deals. I also like @cengland0 s idea about having the top rated comments float up to help when there are pages and pages of comments. Although if comments were ranked solely by rating they would be difficult to follow contextually so it should probably be like quality posts are currently done.


@pattiq: Avatars here? Please no. Please, please, PLEASE don't encourage that bad idea.

@jsimsace: It used to be that way about a year or so ago. If you liked something, you voted it up. If you didn't, you walked away. Kind of like the old saw "if don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything." I think TPTB decided Deals could benefit by giving the community members a chance to down vote what they felt were bad deals. As the down votes accumulate, a crappy deal would be winnowed out...or something like that.


@lavikinga: I'm not that new here. I think I started chiming in about May last year. IIRC that was just before the "makeover" with the up-down voting. I think I got grandfathered into the BTC for some reason. I'm old-school, so I still prefer the previous offering. Not that my opinion matters. Have a safe 4th!


Hmmmmm......this idea sounds vaguely familiar. Wish I had thought of it. (winks @telymanbws.) I gave this thread an upvote. :-)

Thanks for posting it!!! After I made that post in the BOC thread, I decided I was going to do one like this one over here this weekend sometime, b/c it was pretty late then and I just now got home tonight.

@barnabee: Whaddya mean "in her ramblings?" (starts to storm of in indignant huff, muttering to self) She said my ramblings. Ramblings....ramblings....why, I'd NEVER start just rambling on and on about.....oh, wait a minnit. (red face)
Thanks for remembering my post, though, and giving me "credit" (fwiw) here. :-)
I appreciate the personal upvote...just make sure JW knows it. ;-)

Thanks also to @pemberducky for her well-thought-out, insightful, and well-worded, rambling commentary, LOL.

(rambling cont'd in next post)


I didn't even hang out over here before when there was only upvoting and no downvoting.....but that's sorta what I was thinking over there. I think everyone is entitled to an opinion, and if anything is out of line, there's always tattling there, too...and letting the mods handle it as deemed fit.

I really love how it pulls the best posts to the top here, and think that would be useful there, too. Yes, the mods make good quality posts, but I also see a lot of QPs that are not really helpful, nor particularly amusing (I like both.)

As to here, I understand why downvoting was instituted for DEALS....but wish it could be somehow limited to deal posts and questions asked....and not comments. IOW, Up AND downvotes allowed for deal posts and questions asked, but only upvotes (no downs) for comments. Does that make sense? And I don't know if it's doable....but just about anything is doable where programming is concerned. There are always workarounds.

/end rambling. ;-)


And as a P.S.--I didn't intend for upvoting at the regular woot forums to have anything to do with starting "reps" over there. PLEASE don't do that. I just thought it would be a nice way to acknowledge the really good/useful posts at a glance. Sure, you can quote and reply (like I did to applaud that particular post), but that gets lost/buried in long threads. It was just an idea. I'm not suggesting to get rid of the mods' QPs or anything.

Really, it could be that I'm just addicted to clicking on arrows and watching them magically turn red, I suppose. Like I said over there, I found my fingers automatically moving my cursor over to the upper left-hand corner of that post to click the up-arrow, and my fingers were sad when it wasn't there. :-(

Oops...there I go, doing it again. Good thing there's a character-limit here, huh?
(Just ftr, it hasn't come on in this post yet.) :-)