questionscrockpot recipes, share?


Anything is good in a crockpot.


i have a recipe for stone soup that really brings everyone together. all i ask in exchange is shelter for the night and everyone's cooperation


I've been using mine to crank out taco meat often enough. Add desired meat, beer/broth, and taco spices, set it on low for 6-8 hours... blammo! Tasty meats!

Pulled pork, with a 20 oz bottle of root beer, works the same way.


Warning: this isn't a recipe, just a list of things with approximate quantities that I threw into the crockpot that turned out pretty good (at least in my opinion) on two separate attempts.

Large hunk of beef
1 part OJ
1 part beef / chicken / duck / dead thing stock
1/4 (approx? Maybe 1/8? To taste , really. I didn't measure.) part soy sauce
Sprinkle of garlic powder (or use real garlic!)
Couple grinds of black pepper

The liquid needs to cover the beef, or get close to it.
Let that go for a long time on low, then use some of the liquid to make gravy. Probably some of the best gravy I have ever made. The beef was pretty good, the gravy on top of it made the meal.