questionswhere do you go to find deals for upholstery…


I buy most of mine at JoAnn Fabric. If you go on their website to the fabric section and choose Home Decor Fabric, under that there is a section for Uphostery Fabric and there are lots of nice Waverly Upholstery prints to choose from, and they are normally on sale. Otherwise sign up for their newsletter and you get coupons to use. Good luck finding something!


Hobby Lobby had a surprisingly good selection when I was there. We even found a fabric that our couch pillows were made from (and we bought it all because we love the pattern so much).


I'd have suggested one of the two that have already been pointed out, myself.

There's also one of Amazon's stores,, which has interesting items.

Personally, I'd rather go in JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby, so that I can look at things directly, including putting bolts of material next to each other, but the prices on seem to be pretty decent, too.

On the other hand, if I wanted upholstery fabric, I'd just look in one of my bins. One of the local JoAnn's closed down, and I bought a lot of material, including some nice upholstery fabrics.

Good luck, whichever you decide to buy from.


All the info I have is from many years ago. I've bought lovely fabrics from a local 'discount' fabric store. Used that fabric to have several (many..2 wing-backs, a love-seat, ottomans & more) pieces reupholstered. Marvelous, deeply discounted. prices. They are w/o a doubt no longer in business.

Also have purchased fabrics from a reupholstering business. Shocking to me, I got great bargains again. Looked into Calico Corners - way over-priced. Caveat: Be patient and shop around...a lot. You'll find what you like, keep looking. Good luck!

Added thought: I, too, would prefer to see & feel the weight of the fabric in person. Colors are also of great import. Simply must see live. Colors on-line can be so deceiving. Purchasing seems risky to me.


I don't know about 'deals' per se, but if you need heavier weather-resistant fabric try a marine supply or boat upholstery shop. They have all the waterproof/resistant fabrics used for boat cushions, canopies etc. Of course you can Google the same thing for better pricing, but personally I like to actually see & feel the fabric before I buy.


I go here

or to G St. Fabrics (which is nowhere near as good as it used to be -- like so many other things)

Upholstery shops are also good resources.

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Me? I pick out what I want at Joann fabrics site and then wait for them to run a good coupon or discount w/free shipping. The last I purchased happened to go on clearance, ended up costing a little over $2 a yard delivered. And, my ottoman looks fantastic now!


@shrdlu: The great thing about is that free shipping is relatively low and they have no questions asked returns with free return shipping. This is pretty close to in person for me. Plus I found the same fabric at a local store and was about $4 a yard cheaper. I'm all for shopping local but when you need multiple yards for a big project the cost adds up quickly.


Thank you for all the tips every one!