questionsdid you see that woot has finally gone mobile?!


An exceptional day!! It will be interesting to see the change in traffic for Woot-offs and BOC's.


Yes I saw it as Woot! announced it on Facebook about the same time you posted this. =)


I tested it out today unknowing it existed, I must say I do not like it.

I liked the ability to see all the deal pictures on one single page so I know if its something I might be remotely interested in.

I also clicked the "Full Site" link at the bottom of the page, but it keeps redirecting to the mobile version.


Can't see/use it on my phone. Seems to be iOS/Android only.


@mkentosh: hmm, I wonder why.... maybe because it's NOT an app


@miquinn: App is short for application, which has more than one meaning. As in worst application ever (the quality of being usable for a particular purpose or in a special way).


Am I missing where you can easily click to the comments on a deal up near the deal or the write up? I had to click the "community" link at the very bottom of the page to get there. I feel like I was missing something obvious. I saw "discuss this" for the poll, but not the deal. I like it - you can see the write up all on the front page and everything is easy to navigate. It will take a little getting used to I think but I think it will be better than the full site on my phone. At first glance it is much better than most "mobile" versions of a lot of websites, especially stores.


this is a tough crowd..... it was a joke....... get it?


Should make it an app with push notifications since it's not a deal a day anymore.


I'm happy for all of you who have a smartphone. Seriously.