questionshelp finding 100% down/duvet comforter -- any…


Just a peek, but you can always try here:
^I think it can be used with the free shipping too. Good luck!


I was at overstock earlier; but it looks like they are not providing full info on the blankets -- saying down but if you read reviews, actually mixed with feathers...


I've routinely had good luck with Sears, Target, and, if I'm feeling ritzy, Lands End. You may want to spend a day at brick and mortar stores to get a feel for styles, textures, etc, before committing to an online purchase.


I second @gatzby's Lands End recommendation. The entire online store is 25% off right now, too - so you're in luck. With that discount their king down comforters range from $135 to $285.

If there are Tuesday Morning stores (an overstock / closeout retailer) in your area they often have deals on better-quality linens and bedding items and linens...the exact items vary due to their nature of their business of course.


My wife got ours at ikea, and she loves it. They have a couple of different weight ratings to choose from.