questionshave you ever gotten a suit from house of bespoke?


I never have, but thanks for the notation of the Groupon. I poked around their site, and I think that their model is very similar to that of Indochino: outsource the labor for custom suits to China. Back in the day, Indochino had some very nice sponsored deals here (when they were starting out). I've got several Indochino suits and am very happy. It is a huge leap of faith: you get your measurements with a tape measure (Indochino will even send you a tape measure free), put them in a website, give them a bunch of cash and a suit appears on the other side that (you hope) fits and looks good.

Well, it works, at least for me. The Yelp reviews are all very positive, so I'd think that this place will do as well. It seems that the customizations here are greater than Indochino, so that may be something to think about.


I bought a suit through House of Bespoke using a Groupon I received as a gift. I was a bit skeptical of buying a suit without trying it on but the process was smooth and the suit fit very well. I took my measurements myself. I will use them again for my next suit.