questionshave you ever used pods to store your things?


I used one of the big ones last year; had it for about 2 months. No problems whatsoever, and very very convenient.

Highly recommended.


I never have, but it's hard to resist an iPod joke here. :) Must..... resist....


I read the title thinking of that plastic shell thing you get from a 50 cent toy that could also be used for pills and other things.

Another idea I had was using my BOC boxes to store all the junk accumulated in my room.

But no I have never used PODS (Portable On Demand Storage), but I do know that they've been around as far back as I can remember. In fact, one of the delivery trucks caused a ten minute delay on my commute once since the flat bed literally took over both sides of the street one day. But my guess though that PODS are more expensive than conventional storages (like Storage Space, Storage etc, U-Haul storage.. etc.) since they deliver the storage to you and that costs money plus other small things.

But whatever you needs may be, either storage ways shouldn't be a problem.

The other thing I was thinking about were the Tide Pods that Wal-Mart used to give out for free.


About 7 years ago, one of our neighbours had one dropped off, filled it, then sent it to be stored for 6 months. Pretty impressive setup. Our living room had to be re-done(roof leak), so we had one in our driveway for 2 months. Beats the heck out of hauling stuff to store it elsewhere, and our homeowners' insurance covered the contents- something that may have been questionable had it been stored offsite.


They are very expensive.. better bet is finding a local climate controlled storage unit. Can get them for $40-$80/mo depending on your location. many have 24x7 access but not all.


If you need the ability to have the storage in a particular location of your choice for a given period of time they really are worth the money; they worked out really well for me. Once the POD is sent back to its storage station, the convenience and cost factors change and it is a bit more of a hassle. But if it is quickly transferred to a new final destination, again, it is really worth the money. PODs are a great storage solution if you require on-site immediate access and then plan to move the POD to a final location to be emptied. Otherwise, as Devexityspace said, you are better off with a storage facility.


Use this- and other storage- as temporary, and it works well.
Otherwise, in a year you'll realize that with the storage costs you could have rebought new.


We had a large POD dropped on our driveway a few years ago while we did a major house cleaning and had central heat/air ducting installed. (At the time, our attic was full to the roof with stored items.) Due to unexpected home and health issues the POD stayed with us for almost a year, and it was a major convenience. I think the neighbors were really quite glad, however, when we finally got the stuff reloaded into the house and the POD was taken away.

The biggest benefit for us was that we could load (and later unload) it piecemeal as we had time and physical ability to do it. That alone was worth the little extra it cost over trucking stuff back and forth to some short-term storage facility.